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Drinking memory loss: Results show women are spared in this study

A drinking memory loss study yielded news for middle-aged men, according to a new study in the journal Neurology. It revealed that men who consume two-and-a-half drinks per day may "accelerate memory loss by six years," Time reported Jan. 15

Researchers from University College London explored the drinking habits of of 5,054 men and 2,099 women during three different times over a span of 10 years. When the group participants hit the age of 56, they were given the "first of three tests of their memory and executive function over the next 10 years," the report said.

The drinking memory loss study showed that men who drank two-and-a-half alcoholic beverages a day had signs of memory loss compared to men who did not drink or were considered light to moderate drinkers. Despite "memory-affecting factors" like diet, exercise habits, and occupation, the the results were the same.

Women were spared the same outcome in this drinking memory study. The only difference researchers found with heavier drinkers, is that they displayed a slight lack of organizational and planning skills.

Beer, wine and liquor showed about the same effect in memory loss, but "liquors like vodka, gin or whiskey showed the fastest declines."

It is believed that alcohol plays a role in interfering with blood flow to the brain. Other studies have supported the claim that "excessive drinking can also damage nerve cells that can affect the brain’s cognitive functions, but these latest findings suggest that the harm may begin sooner than experts had thought – and last longer than they had expected as well," the report concluded.

This drinking memory study is not the best news for men, but it is hardly a surprise to learn that alcohol has a negative impact on the human body if too much is consumed.

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