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Drinking fountains along the Long Beach bike path

One of the new fountains along the Long Beach bike path
One of the new fountains along the Long Beach bike path
Danica Kooiman

Long Beach recently has been working to renovate the drinking fountains along the sand bike path that winds throughout the city beaches. Running the other morning, I stopped at one of the normal fountains and to my delight, it was replaced with a new, user-friendly, clean fountain. I was pleasantly surprised to see it in the place of the grimy, aged, moss-filled fountain that used to reside next to the bathrooms along the path. It seems that Long Beach has begun the process of replacing the fountains along the path.

Not only was this fountain a great addition in terms of health related advantages but it's design and water flow is also much more drinker friendly and environmentally friendly as well. Instead of the water spilling over the sides of the fountain, it drains down the area into the surrounding the fountain which for most of the fountain locations it’s a slab of concrete and then sand. I think that this is much more sanitary and also much better for the area surrounding the fountains. The buttons on the fountain are also much nicer and it seems that the material that the fountains are made out of will also hold up better against the beach elements.

As the year has started, more and more fountains have been replaced along the path, which is great news. It’s nice to see that the City of Long Beach is working to take care of those who use the bike path for many different forms of exercise. Belmont Shore resident and runner, Jeff Carrick, said this about the new fountains, “They really are much more user friendly and seem much cleaner than the old fountains we had. I will not have a problem drinking out of these new fountains, as I did the last ones.” Check out the new fountains at numerous bathroom stops along the bike path that lines the Long Beach bluffs.


  • Matt 5 years ago

    You should totally start a running blog. You could probably get a ton of hits from it. Like, maybe even a few hundred each week. That would be sweet.

  • TexasM 5 years ago

    I was looking for directions to the market near 2nd. Please let me know. I need to get over there pretty soon.

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