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Drinking Dallas: Why craft beer has been slow to catch on

Traditionally Texans like to stick with the basics when it comes to their food and drink; steak rare, beer cold.

That’s what worked for our fathers and that’s what many Texans were raised on. It would be easy to assume then that this trend would continue uninterrupted but this is not the case. Ever more Texans are dumping their traditional beer in favor of beer from smaller, more artfully crafted breweries.

Nowhere is this trend more evident than here in Dallas where traditional bars, pubs and taverns are inundated nightly by hordes of young, professional men and women who are seeking not just a good time but a tasty beverage that will compliment their mood perfectly. These young men and women have broken from the mold that the same beverage is best regardless of the environment and have boldly jump started this city down a path of fermented discovery. Once we realize the diversity available in our drinking decision it becomes difficult not to join these renegade drinkers to find what beverage best pleases our palates.

So, why has craft beer not been on the tip of our tongue until now? Simple, when beer is too cold its flavor is lost and nothing compliments a hot day in Texas like a cold beer. How many Dallas residents still worry about cooling off after a hard day of manual labor? Not many. So, next time you feel like blowing off a little steam or just laughing with a few friends remember, drink something new, you might just like it.


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