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Drinking coffee is shown to help with hearing issues

your ears will love your morning coffee
your ears will love your morning coffee

Ever found that your ears won't stop from that incessant ringing - either after a loud concert - or even for no reason whatsoever? It seems there might be some help coming, thanks to our cup of morning joe. According to a press release by the Brigham and Women's hospital (, they found that there might be a link between the amount of caffeine that you are consuming during the day and the rate of tinnitus.

The Hospital polled a very large group of women, and studied the correlation between their problems with tinnitus and the amount of coffee they consumed throughout the day. According to the study, there is an inverse association between the women who drank caffeine and those who did not. As for the resin that there seems to be this correlation, there is only speculation. They did have some theories however, as they know that caffeine both stimulates the central nervous system as well as having a direct effect on a person's inner ear.

Tinnitus is most commonly caused by some noise-induced loss - like a loud concert, table saws and other machinery, big explosions like fireworks or gunshots or some other long exposure to loud sounds. Unfortunately for sufferers, this constant buzzing in the ears has no real cure, and doctors have a very hard time quantifying it or helping people with this condition - which affects over 24 million adults.

This study featured over 65,000 women age 30-44, and over 5000 of them had some conditions of constant ringing. Of those, they found that those women who had a significant daily dose of caffeine- between 4 to 6 cups a day, had a lower incidence of tinnitus than that which drank more moderate caffeine doses. In terms of caffeine count per drink, that would equal about 4-6 cups of coffee, or 2-3 strong energy drinks per day.