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Drinking at an all night hookah beach bar in Tel Aviv, Israel

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Bars in Tel Aviv don't have an official closing time; they stay open as long as people are drinking. In the summer, beach bars are especially popular. Multiply that popularity several-fold when it's the World Cup and the bar is a hookah -- "shisha" bar.

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I'm pretty sure I was at La Mer Beach bar! It was one of those kind of nights and I can't read my Hebrew receipt. They do take American credit cards, not a given. The place was within just a few blocks of the Metropolitan Hotel. It's great to be able to get out and socialize late at night -- when you might be terribly jet-lagged -- without necessarily going to some scary unfamiliar club.

I saw lots of people on chaise lounges out on the sand, watching a giant television screen of the World's Cup. Inside, where I was, several people were smoking hookahs under red lights. I ordered a local beer, Macabee. Many reviewers on call it "sweet," but a cold beer on a hot night always works.