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Drinking and driving never has a happy ending

It seems like only a few short days ago, it felt like a warm spring breeze with rain in the forecast. That was then; this is now. That warm breeze turned cold as a cold front made its way into our area. As Madison residents enjoy the change of seasons from the comfort of their homes, the trucking community is not so fortunate. Rain and snow mix turned to solid snow, making the roads slick from north to south. As winter sets in, and in anticipation of expected winter weather keep in mind that with the approach of the holiday season, drinking and driving does not mix. What may seem like a small amount of alcohol being drank at holiday parties, driving on the highways puts not just yourself at risk, but also the men and women, whose job is to ensure timely and safely delivered freight to your neighborhood stores. Drinking and driving have never resulted in happy endings and the holiday season is no exception. Please keep this in mind before heading out to the pubs or parties and participating in social partaking of alcohol. Nobody wants to receive news of a death by a drunk driver for Christmas this year.


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