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Drinking age hoax, Florida Mall in decline, and other random BS

A shoe area at a Nordstrom store
A shoe area at a Nordstrom store
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

I'm back! And have a lot on my mind. So I'm going to transfer those thoughts from my brain, and onto this column.

Is the Florida Mall in decline?.....

First, Saks Fifth Avenue thought Orlando was not swanky enough to have one of their stores, and now, the Nordstrom store at the Florida Mall has recently announced that they will join Saks in closing its full line store at the mall.

So what is happening at the Florida Mall? Retail reality, that's what. Orlando is not really your average retail market. A lot of the local residents here make less than $25,000 per year, and with that money, you shop at Target, not Nordstrom. Another reality biting the Florida Mall; the swanky, upscale Mall at Millenia has replaced the Florida Mall as the "go-to" mall for high-spending tourist, which led to declining sales at the original "go-to" mall.

So the question now is, where do the Florida Mall go from here? Well, we got our verdict on the Saks space. The mall plans on turning the space into an expanded "state-of-the-art" food court with indoor and outdoor seating, a play area for kids, and new restrooms.

As for the Nordstrom? That's to be determined, although mall officials have hinted that another retailer is interested in the space.

But what we do know for certainly, the Florida Mall is no longer that "it" mall in Central Florida.

25 year-old drinking age?.....

I have heard a lot over social media that the national drinking age is going to be expanded in August to 25. Well, I will be 30 in August, so the raise will not affect me. But it also will not affect anybody else.

Because it's all a hoax.

Yes people, the drinking age will remain at 21, at least for the time being. The legal drinking age hoax has managed to fool millions of people, probably people under the age of 21, who thought that Washington was trampling over their birth right to get as drunk as they can.

Now, that does not mean that there are not discussions going on to raise the legal limit to drink. But just rest assure that your right to get hammered at 21 is safe.

For now.

I'm back!.....

So, fellow Examiner fans, this column marks my return back to Examiner. This space will now be my commentary on all that is happening in Central Florida, from politics, to theme parks, to life in Central Florida in general. I will also dabble in national political commentary as well.

So look for this column every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Thanks for reading and see you soon!

Kareem Gantt is a columnist for Examiner. For more from this author, 'follow' him on Twitter, 'like' him on Facebook, and 'add' him to your network on Google.

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