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"Drink Wine and Lose Weight: Dr. Tedd Goldfinger"

Have you heard of a doctor recommending a glass of wine with your lunch and another glass at dinner?

"Drink Wine and Lose Weight: Dr. Tedd Goldfinger" Wine and alcohol, in moderation, have favorable effects for blood vessels into the heart" (Photo: Vineyard)
(Photos by Dr. Tedd Goldfinger)

Dr. Tedd Goldfinger, DO, FACC, FCCP, Certified in Cardiovascular disease and Internal Medicine explains, "Several cultures around Europe and the Mediterranean have populations that live longer.

They have far less heart disease than in America.Wine and alcohol, in moderation, have favorable effects for blood vessels into the heart. It raises the good cholesterol and blocks the clumping of platelets which form blood clots that cause heart attacks and strokes."

Dr. Goldfinger studied the health benefits of wine in his patients with coronary artery disease and published several research articles in medical journals. He has worked with an international group of leading nutritionists and epidemiologists to support a lifestyle of healthy foods and wine for weight loss.

When you are ready to start dieting, you must think of healthy dieting!

Dr. Goldfinger recognizes, "If you do not like the diet, you will not stay on it. The biggest problem with any diet is long-term compliance. Diets should include various foods. A Mediterranean-style diet is the easiest to follow. The diet we propose includes healthy foods with a moderate consumption of wine.

There are healthier carbohydrate choices. A slice of white bread is different from a slice of multigrain bread because the latter burns more calories just to digest it. At the same time, all the vitamins, nutritional value and fiber remain natural compared to bleaching the white bread.

Whole grains reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and other chronic disorders. A diet consisting of healthy cereals and whole grain products has added favorable role in health and weight management.

You can make healthy choices and eat some carbohydrates in moderation. A liberal diet allows many foods that will surprise everyone! Eggs from free-range chickens eat natural greens high in omega free fatty acids that help cholesterol levels improve. On the other hand, chickens fed slop and low price seeds lay the cheaper priced eggs that are high in cholesterol. You have to learn how to read the nutrition part of labels.

We have to trust our fruit, vegetables, poultry, pork and meat farms. One of my patients is a rancher who supplies high quality meat for COSCO, in Los Angeles. The store is particular about their meats. Look for the farmers market and stores that have organic food sections. You can even visit local farms and ranches. In Europe we buy from farm co-ops involved in the care and upbringing of animals."

Lynn Nicholson created the recipes for their "Wine Lover's Healthy Weight Loss Plan." Dr. Goldfinger wanted to make certain sugar, white flour, and butter not included in the recipes and changed to natural products. Although you may be eating a healthy meal, most of us eat too much so portion control is important.

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