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Drink to your health


Drinking herbal tea has a positive effect on your health and will flood your body with an abundance of antioxidants. Herbal teas are teas that are infused with different herbs, dried leaves, pieces of fruit, flowers, seeds and botanicals. Not all tea is created equal, and different herbal teas will offer different health benefits. Read this guide to herbal tea to decide which blend is right for you.

chamomile: has a relaxing effect. soothes the stomach and calms nerves. offers reliefe from cold symptoms.

dandelion: used in diuretic teas. improves liver function and works as an expectorant.

fennel: soothes the stomach. relieves cramps and acts as an appetite stimulant.

green tea: lowers cholesterol and blood sugar. improves circulation. a powerful antioxidant with strong antibacterial properties that helps combat the flu virus.

lemon balm: relaxes the nerves and eases tension. improves mood. relieves stomach disorders.

nettle: improves liver and kidney function and purifies the blood. very high in vitamin A and C.

raspberry: calms and tones the uterus during menstruation and pregnancy. high vitamin and  mineral content.

licorice: relieves sore throat and coughs. menstrual aid. improves digestion.

valerian: relaxes the body. eases nerves and abdominal cramps.

ginger: relieves stomach cramps and nausea. improves circulation and relieves cold and flu symptoms.

You can pick up packaged herbal teas at the grocery store. Health food stores carry a large assortment of both packaged and fresh loose herbal teas.

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  • julia m 5 years ago

    came across your column when doing a search for rasperry tea to help prepare for pregnancy. thanks for all the info. its nice to see there are local experts in the area that offer this kind of alterntive advice that is so hard to come by.