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Drink Me Magazine, celebrating the San Francisco bar scene since 2009

Issue 12: Keep It In The Hood, The Local Issue
Issue 12: Keep It In The Hood, The Local Issue

In a world where print magazines are quickly becoming obsolete, it’s nice to know that there is at least one magazine still available every other month. Since its launch in March of 2009, Drink Me Magazine has been a print (and online) magazine that publishes bi-monthly featuring articles on various spirits, cocktail history, local alcohol-related events coverage, drinking trivia, cocktail recipes, watering holes around the city and the people who create the cocktails for them. This pocket-sized, full-color, glossy paged magazine’s focus is on the drinking and cocktail lifestyle in San Francisco.

Drink Me Magazine is in the midst of an expansion. Since its creation almost two years ago, the magazine has doubled in page size. This week, the magazine launched their newly designed website. The new site features an events calendar loaded with local events. The user friendly site allows readers to easily navigate through all of the magazine’s previous issues, 12 issues to date! Drink Me Magazine is also working on extending its print readership to New York.

I recently had the chance to chat with Drink Me Magazine’s editor and publisher, Daniel Yaffe about how the magazine came to be, why it came to be and why he thinks the bar scene in San Francisco is cool enough to have its own magazine:

How did Drink Me Magazine get started?

Initially started off as a joke (like all good ideas), then after some research and chatting with people in the industry, decided to push forward to make it happen.

Who is Drink Me Magazine written for?

Alcohol "enthusiasts." Anyone who wants to know more about what they are drinking. We strive to connect consumers with the industry.

What is the purpose of Drink Me Magazine?

We want to educate through entertainment.

With past issue themes such as celebrating our nation’s Independence Day, the annual Tales of the Cocktail Festival, Hispanic Heritage Month, Mexican Independence Day, an ode to the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Blood Sugar Sex Magik rock album, the do-it-yourself king-Angus MacGyver, ice (the quessesential ingredient in most cocktails as we know them today), wine, color, the scientific process behind alcohol and now with your most recent issue, localism, where does the inspiration for the topics and themes covered for each issue come from?

We group up and try to grab themes that are both interesting and fun, and are able to cover a range of different stories. Our stories come in from writers around the world, both staff writers and freelancers. Our advisory board is a guiding light, and helps us hone down on topics that are relevant. We are also setting up a secondary focus group to brainstorm with people in our target audience and discover what themes they'd like to learn more about.

In the midst of the dying age of print and the state of the economy, how are you able to print such a beautiful magazine and make it available to its readers for free?

We all still love print! We've developed a system that allows the magazine to be free to our readers thanks to our dedicated sponsors and advertisers!

What do you think makes the San Francisco bar scene so special that it deserves its own magazine?

The San Francisco bar scene is a community. Whereas other cities have small (or large) bartending cultures, they aren't as often sharing ideas, grabbing drinks together, and promoting each other. From a culinary perspective, San Francisco has access to incredible fresh ingredients and has the benefit of being one of the foremost creative culinary scenes in the world. It's the perfect mix to create a vibrant and thriving bartending culture that keeps SF's revelers asking for more.

If Drink Me Magazine could drink, what would the magazine’s drink of choice be?

An unmarked bottle of tequila with a “Drink Me” sign on it.

Copies of Drink Me Magazine can be found in bars, liquor stores and alcohol-related events all over San Francisco.

For more information on Drink Me Magazine, visit Drink Me Magazine’s website. Follow Drink Me on Twitter and Facebook.

Drink Me Magazine's Issue 12, Keep It In The Hood: The Local Issue, is out now.


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