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Drink like a foodie at Drumbar

the perfect "Trophy Wife"
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Mixology is such a big trend in cocktails and drinks, and finding a good cocktail can be easy or hard, depending on your palate. But finding an interesting and tasty cocktail, one which makes you think, is not so common. A trip to Drumbar in Gold Coast can help meet your needs, with foodie-friendly cocktails, which are both interesting and tasty.

Take, for example, the "trophy wife", a mix of vodka, green pepper, St. Germain, orange flower water, and lemon. Its stirred and served straight up. Perhaps one of the most perfect cocktails I have tried in recent memory, for I am a vodka lover. But this is just one of the tasty delights at Drumbar.

Vodka not your speed, then try your hand at the spicy "beg your pardon" made with spicy chartreuse or the herbaceous kuhleche with curry and cardamom. The ingredient lists read like a bar meets your fridge meets your spice rack, which allow you to look at drinks in a whole new way. Not to mention the taste. The taste is out of this world, as each drink is mixed fresh and cold, by experienced bartenters who know about good drinks.

The ambiance at Drumbar is like an old library bar, with cozy chairs, deep wood, and suspender-clothed bartenders, but the music is current, the drinks are hand made, and the vibe is hip. Definitely a great mix of old and new. Their lovely patio is not bad either.

All these special cocktails will run you a cool $13, not in the “happy hour-special category”, but not so expensive you can’t enjoy one or more, even when you’re on a budget. The ingredients speak to the price, such as the premium spices and liquors, not to mention the wonderful creative energy in each drink.

A trip to drumbar for an evening cocktail, or a weekend nightcap, is one worth taking. Foodie or not, the drinks and atmosphere at Drumbar are sure to please many a palate. Cheers!

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