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Drink, Dance, Text, Repeat

Lowered inhibitions, aggressive behavior and loss of consciousness are what Health Professionals counter, but for many of the young folk these side effects are goals to be made, not avoided.

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College students especially, love any reason to absorb large quantities of alcohol. From fictitious holidays to clever nicknamed days of the week.

"Thirsty Thursday" was the trendy night to go out, then it was "Hump Day" (Wednesday). Now it's Monday and Bastille Day. It would appear, consumption in celebration isn't just for the weekends anymore.

Burlington's night life is largely targeted to the college crowd, it is, after all a college town. However, there are plenty of bars to choose from that aren't frequented by the tiara-wearing birthday girls. So if the idle conversation of MTV and vampires makes you cringe, sampling a taproom without a dance floor would be a good start.


  • Justine 4 years ago

    Great article! Enjoyed the pictures very much!

  • Justine 4 years ago

    Great article! Enjoyed the pictures very much!

  • carolin stewart 4 years ago

    exceptional article on woodbury;want to spend more time there,shoe on bra mtn....trippy pics from downtown they know how to party :)

  • Molly 4 years ago

    Well written....although that girl looks slightly confused.