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Drink all over Des Moines with The Shuttle

Look for the bus on 3rd and Court downtown, or on the circle between West Cab and Tonic in West Glen
Look for the bus on 3rd and Court downtown, or on the circle between West Cab and Tonic in West Glen
Screenshot courtesy of WHO Channel 13 news

Two of the biggest areas to party in Des Moines are the bars at West Glen Town Center over in the western suburbs, and the Court Avenue District downtown. However, they're so far apart. Definitely no way I'd drive that crazy distance in the middle of the night, especially with alcohol in one's system. 

So what's a party girl to do? Luckily two local geniuses named Adam Sieren, 31, and his partner, Casey White, 28 came up with The Shuttle. Two small 15 passenger busses travel back and forth every half hour from 8pm till 3am on the weekends. Each one way trip costs 5 bucks- a small price to pay to avoid an OWI arrest. Not to mention it's way cheaper than taking a cab 12 miles to the other destination. 

Local business owners from both districts have been optimistic about The Shuttle. They think it will cut down on drunk drivers while opening their services up to new customers that may not venture to the other bars as often. 

However, one [anonymous] local party bus company owner I spoke with is nervous it'll cut into their business. "People hire us so they can jump from bar to bar with numerous friends in a big group. Now that The Shuttle does the same thing for a fraction of the cost it takes to rent our busses I wouldn't be surprised if people chose them for their transportation instead. It worries me."

The owners of The Shuttle insist that their busses aren't really as flashy or flexible as traditional party busses. They don't have areas to store booze on board, and there aren't poles or neon lights inside- just a simple shuttle bus system that goes straight from one district to the other.  And for Des Moines drinkers, it's a great new addition to the local bar scene.