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Drier Air From Now Through The Weekend

The next seven days ahead
The next seven days ahead
Scott Derek

Wednesday was not as mild as anticipated and that was because of cloud debris; prior to the cold front pushing on through there was a piece of energy that produced some light rain in the morning(only amounting to a trace at Philadelphia International Airport...well, technically rain and snow are measured over the rive in National Park). This in part stabilized the atmosphere and with the extended cloud over we only warmed to a high of 80 shortly before 4pm at Philadelphia International Airport after a morning low of 69. There were some more showers that popped up in the afternoon, but were confined further north where there was more sunshine in the morning(thus allowed for air parcels to rise).

A cold front is progressing southward through the region; high pressure and drier air will stay on top of the region for the remainder of the week

Overnight it will be partly cloudy with lows in the middle 60s(the suburbs may get down into the lower 60s); this means that Thursday will be cooler with the frontal passage well to our south as we get a northerly flow. There will be a short wave passing by to the north in the afternoon and although we shall stay rain-free there will be some clouds in the afternoon once we reach the convective temperature(the estimated temperature that the surface must reach in order for clouds to develop). Highs will be in the lower 80s(the average high should be in the middle 80s), but the treat will come overnight with lows just in the lower 60s! That's nice and refreshing!

I could just mention that from Friday through Monday high pressure will be parked on top of the Northeast and it will be sunny with highs ranging from the lower to middle 60s while overnight lows will range from the lower to middle 60s.....BUT since I am a meteorologist I should break down each day since the wind will be important!

Friday and Saturday will be approaching the middle 80s with sunshine and fair weather cumulus clouds; Friday will feature a northerly wind, but come Saturday we'll get into a more southerly flow. By the afternoon an area of low pressure south of the Mason-Dixon Line shall pass by and just provide some more clouds (it's really not a big deal). Come Sunday high pressure will position itself a little further to the east so we'll have an easterly wind(onshore flow) so highs will be in the lower 80s. It's short lived as another area of high pressure moves in for Monday(like a changing of the guard) and we'll be back into that milder southerly flow with highs in the middle 80s.

It's not until Tuesday as a cold front tries to approach from the west, but high pressure will be on top of us so we'll get an onshore wind with highs in the lower 80s while the front comes through Wednesday evening, but not before a southerly flow during the day propels highs in the upper 80s.

Don't forget that you can see the 7-day forecast(as well as obtain radar and satellite maps) any time at

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