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Drew Roy previews 'Falling Skies' season 4: Leadership, betrayal & Hal's Cochise

Drew Roy and Sarah Carter in Falling Skies season 3.
James Dittiger, used with permission

"Falling Skies" kicks off its fourth season on TNT this weekend, and on Wednesday, June 18, we hopped on the phone with series star Drew Roy to find out what's coming for the 2nd Mass next.

It seems like just as the 2nd Mass gets a bit of hope, gets back to Charleston, it's taken away. They're attacked, they're divided, they're killed. How does everyone react to their new situations?

My favorite part of the new season is that we are all split up. We've seen how Hal and Maggie interact and how different characters basically only are chatting with particular characters that they always talk to, so by splitting us up into these four different camps, we're able to see these interactions between different characters that we've never seen before, and some people surprisingly don't like each other, some surprisingly do like each other, so like I said, that was my favorite part of acting in this new season and watching my fellow cast mates interact.

How will their time apart change things for the Mason family when they're reunited? [For example] Matt's kind of taking a leadership role in his youth camp.

Yes, as we're all split up, we're seeing each of the Masons become their own leader. We're all sort of following the footsteps of Tom. By all being children of him and seeing how he has taken the reins, we all step up and accept the challenge. With Hal being in the prison camp with Tom, you wouldn't think that he would have to take on a leadership position, but Tom's actually in isolation and having to secretly communicate with Hal and sort of lay out the plot for, is there a way to get out of this place?

And as the season progresses, Hal is having to literally get up in front of crowds of people and direct them in the way they should go because even Tom and Hal get separated at certain points. But when we all come back together and have our little reunion, we all pretty much fall back into place just like a family would. There's not too much clashing going on, but because we've all had these outside experiences, they have taken a toll on each of us, it does create some drama and some friction between certain characters.

Speaking of friction, things seem to be on the chilly side for Hal and Maggie when the season begins.

I know, right? That was a cold shoulder she gave me on that little walk, wasn't it?


So that storyline gets real nice and juicy as it continues along. For the first time, we'll see Hal not be the guy that just instantly gets the girl but will actually have a little, we'll call it a challenge, from someone else, and we have a triangle form, and it's by none other than his own brother, Ben. It's not the first time he's done such a thing. He had a little thing for Karen as well, so once we finally all meet up, we slowly discover that there is something possibly going on, but the nature of how it's going on is what's pretty special about the situation.

With it being a science fiction show, there is an element of that in it, but there's a huge amount of betrayal that Hal feels towards both Maggie and Ben, but at the same time, he's trying to go about it as a man who is not just going to be catty and be put down by the situation. So it's actually quite an interesting triangle that comes from this, and it's one of the things I'm most proud of this season, how we shape it and had it turn into what it is because when it was first pitched, I was quite nervous. It just didn't make sense to me how it was plausible, and I think we really have something interesting with it now.

That had actually been my next question, because I'd seen all the promos and I was really surprised to see Ben and Maggie. It was a shock.

Yeah, yeah, it was a shock to all of us as well.

Can you talk a bit about the new characters?

We have a couple new characters. I sort of get my own Cochise this season. We get to meet some more of the Volm, and the character's name is Shaq. He's incredibly tall, and we don't really get along too well, but things go on and we sort of begin to trust each other a bit more. Things get better. But I actually, to this day, could not tell you – the actor's name is John – I could not tell you what John's face looks like because they have to go through so much – they put the alien suit on, the head and everything – I've never seen his actual face, which is quite odd. He could walk past me on the street, and I would have no idea that's who he is.

We also have Mira Sorvino who's coming on who's playing this sort of – I don't even know how to describe her – wild woman who has by some miracle lived through the apocalypse up until now and sort of starts interacting with the 2nd Mass.

And we have another character named Dingaan who shows up who is I guess we'll say he's our newest Uncle Scott or Jamil. He's the man who knows how to make things work and turn simple things into more complex things. He and Hal sort of team up and work on some plans to move forward and he kind of becomes my right hand man to some extent.

What's your favorite episode of the season?

It's later on in the season, and it's a big Hal and Maggie episode. Things take a turn for the worst really quick, but there's just so much heart that's in that episode, that to see the depths to which Hal cares for Maggie that I really enjoyed getting to dive into, especially with everything that's going on with the characters and the triangle and everything. I felt like it was a really nice episode that we sort of get to show what's so special about Hal and Maggie. Because this whole season, you're not really going to see them interact until they finally meet up, and then by that point, things are already sort of headed in a bad direction.

"Falling Skies" season 4 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on TNT.

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