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Drew Peterson Hearing on Savio - Balancing Emotion and the Rule of Law

Drew Peterson's ongoing court hearing is controversial in that the Judge must decide which if any hearsay statements made by Peterson's deceased third wife, Kathleen Savio, will be ultimately heard by Peterson's jury. Peterson and Savio were in the process of divorce at the time of her death.  

The Illinois Legislature passed a bill, that in cases of first-degree murder, if prosecutors can prove that the defendant killed a witness to prevent testimony, that hearsay testimony of the deceased may allowed into judicial proceedings. 

In this case, I'm sure being the mouthpiece to allow Savio to talk from beyond the grave after she allegedly claimed to be brutalized in her tragic life offers some personal vindication for those testifying, but justice in court means that we must follow the strict rules of the law and not be swayed passions or bias. The testimony in question will be carefully scrutinized by the Judge so that ultimately the jury can do their job.

In any case, whether you like the Defendant or not, we need to show respect for the legal process.  Regardless of how the Judge will ultimately rule on the issue of testimony beyond from the grave, we must temper our personal sympathy for the victim and ultimately honor the rule of law.


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