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Drew Geraci talks about Iron Man and inking your favorite superheroes

Drew and Iron Man.
Drew and Iron Man.
Drew Geraci

Drew Geraci is a 20-year comic book industry veteran who's style of inking has embellished many popular pencil artists on top-selling titles such as Batman, Justice League of America, Thor, Captain America, Star Wars, Final Crisis and more. He is currently working for Disney Worldwide Publishing. Please view the slideshow on the left for some of Drew's fantastic ink work with many great artists. I had the pleasure of interviewing Drew about his career.

Drew Geraci
Drew Geraci

Michael Garone: Hi Drew! First job as a comic book artist?

Drew Geraci: Assistant to Dave Johnson on a cover to Freak Force (Image Comics), then I continued to assist him on Superpatriot: Liberty & Justice (Image). Then he recommended me to an editor at DC Comics, and since then I've worked for every major publisher.

MG: Who or what inspired you to become an artist?

DG: I fell in love with the art form at 6 or 7, particularly Marvel because they seemed to stand out on the stands. It's like a light went off in my head, because they were so fun and colorful. Back then, during the summer, television was only in reruns, so I began drawing my own Marvel comics. Every weekend I'd crank them out. 7-page stories and fake letters pages, stapled together.

MG: That's awesome and something I'd like to see. Do you still have these and if so did you ever show anyone at Marvel?

DG: No. I foolishly threw them all away in my early 20's, thinking my dream of working in comics was just that. "Time to throw away all childish things" and all that. Years later, while I excelled in my advertising job, I was dissatisfied. I reasoned: "Why can't I apply these disciplines to breaking into comics?" So I dared to dream again.

MG: Do you relate any character development based on your own life experiences?

DG: In the mid-80's, Frank Miller (Sin City, 300) wrote a story arc in Daredevil titled "Born Again", where someone close to him betrayed him. He then began losing everything precious to him and lost faith. Then he eventually managed to crawl his way back up and find inner strength. I was somewhat-similarly betrayed and it forced me to grow up fast. I didn't lose a law practice and have my brownstone bombed, mind you - that's pretty much where the similarities end.

MG: Who is the one character you have drawn about that you connected with the most?

DG: I'd guess Spider-Man. Despite his super-powers, he has both peaks and valleys and juggles a lot of responsibilities. And at the end of the day, despite his hardest efforts, he feels like he's pleased nobody. And we've all had days like that. That's why he so relatable to everybody.

MG: Who of all the characters you have ever drawn is your favorite? Why?

DG: Iron Man.
All three Iron Man movies pretty much capture it all. Who wouldn't want to be a handsome, witty, genius billionaire who used his brilliance, to not only save himself from terrorists, but later enhance his coolness resume by figured out how to make himself a superhero?

MG: What did you like\dislike about all 3 Iron Man films?

DG: Marvel Studios took a fantastic multi-faceted character that a lot of non-comics people didn't know about and made him a household name. Jon Favreau is a well-regarded movie maker who grew up a comics fan, doing proper research that satisfied both new and old fans.
Even though he didn't write and direct IM3, he was one of the consultants so it kept the feel consistent. Iron Man and Spider-Man probably tie as my favorite characters.

MG: What Marvel story would you like to see made to live action and or animated film? Personally, I'd like to see Civil War made into an animated film.

DG: I think there's a lot of potential in a Doctor Strange movie if it has the right casting. There's rumors online about a movie, with Johnny Depp as the good doctor. I imagine layers of crazy dimensions that nobody but Strange could see, and he is all that stands between these hidden ominous forces and us. These dimensions I picture he'd dip his astral form into, like when you lower yourself into the deep end of a swimming pool.

MG: Do you have any current or future projects you can talk about?

DG: I'm doing art for Disney Worldwide Publishing. Mostly children’s' books based on upcoming Marvel movies (since Disney owns Marvel now, it makes the approval process easier). My first one will be based on Amazing Spider-Man II when it hits theaters. I'm currently working on one based on Guardians of The Galaxy, another, lesser-known Marvel property, but it will be another important thread in the Marvel Movie Universe.

MG: Thank you Drew!

DG: You're Welcome!

You can catch Drew at Wizard World Atlanta Comic Con from May 30 thru June 1.

For more on Drew please check his and his Facebook address is

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