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Drew Carey pitches hidden camera show loosely titled 'WTF'


  Drew Carey.  Photo/CBS.

Drew Carey, host of The Price Is Right on CBS, is pitching a something old, something new reality show concept to the network:  a hidden camera show much like Candid Camera, but with an edgy abbreviation for its catchy title: Wow That's Funny (WTF).

The comedic star and producer of the hit series The Drew Carey Show and Whose Line Is It Anyway proposes surprise situations in the pilot for his new show such as a truck stop transformed into a five-star restaurant.  A team of comedic actors will spoof folks by manipulating situations more than hurting feelings.

The good-natured laugher may be less rough on unsuspecting participants than was Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd on MTV, and will undoubtedly draw the family audience for CBS.  Perhaps that family demo will be the deciding factor in changing the title when the show gets the green light.

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