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Drew Brees, Sean Payton hot commodities on bookshelves

Drew Brees' "Coming Back Stronger" is a hot seller.
Drew Brees' "Coming Back Stronger" is a hot seller.

More than a month remains before Drew Brees and Sean Payton will take the field in a meaningful game to defend the Super Bowl championship for the New Orleans Saints.

But Brees is already drawing plenty of attention, both from fantasy football geeks and readers. His coach, Sean Payton, is also doing pretty well for himself as an author.

The fantasy attention is nothing new. Brees has been one of the top-drafted quarterbacks for years now and promises to be so again this year. But the author gig is something new.

Brees' "Coming Back Stronger: Unleashing the Hidden Power of Adversity" has been a hot seller since its release earlier this month.

The 336-page book, which Brees worked on with writer Chris Fabry, is currently no. 7 on the New York Times bestseller list for hardcover nonfiction.

The book details Brees' return from a nearly career-ending shoulder injury that he suffered with his former NFL team, the San Diego Chargers. It's also about bringing back New Orleans from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

Brees isn't the only member of the Saints who has found success in the literary world during the offseason.

Saints coach Sean Payton put out a book with writer Ellis Henican called "Home Team: Coaching the Saints and New Orleans Back to Life" late last month. It's now 12th on the NYT bestseller list for hardcover nonfiction. 


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