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Drew Brees extols the virtues of SUP

Drew Brees is one of many NFL athletes to incorporate SUP into their training regimen.
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

On Saturday, January 11, 2014, New Orleans Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees will lead his team onto CentryLink Field in the hope of avenging an ugly regular season loss against the Seattle Seahawks. The Saints limped out of town that day after suffering a humbling 34-7 defeat. That game was five weeks ago and the Saints have had ample time to regroup and focus on the core fundamentals of their game.

On that account, Drew Brees is no stranger to the importance of maintaining a strong core and began incorporating Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) into his workouts a few years back. “Think about what’s working when you're on that board – in order for you to balance out on open ocean, everything has got to be working. Your lower extremities are working extremely hard just to balance. You’re in this constant state of just flexion. Your glutes are working, your hammies, your calves, your feet, your ankles – everything”, said Brees in an interview with last fall. As anyone who has paddled knows, SUP is a fantastic core workout. Your body burns calories at a much higher rate while paddling a SUP than it does while running. That along with the elimination of the chronic wear and tear on your lower body makes SUP more than just a healthy alternative. Brees went on to say, “If you actually get into the paddling, think about the rotational element with your core. If you go out and you paddle with some intensity for 30-45 minutes, the next day you are going to be hurting.”

As the sport of SUP continues to grow in popularity the market has been flooded with a wide variety of products from which to choose. For true fitness enthusiasts, a board with a displacement hull is likely a better option as the shape will afford a better glide and greater paddling efficiency compared to a traditional surf shape. Some large corporate manufactures make a variety of water sports equipment in addition to SUPs. Others, such as rider owned 404 SUP, are small businesses designing and building boards specifically for the SUP market and are directly involved in furthering the sustainable growth of the sport. Whatever your choice and wherever you paddle, incorporating SUP into your regular workout routine is guaranteed to give you the results you seek. Drew Brees is known for embracing an active lifestyle and has wholeheartedly endorsed SUP as a way to stay in shape. He isn’t the only NFL player to take up the sport, however… Members of the Seattle Seahawks were spotted cross training on SUPs in Redondo Beach, CA this past summer. No matter what the outcome is on the field in the game tomorrow, we already have a winner. Hurray for SUP!

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