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Dress U. 2012, an east coast costumer's conference

Dress U's web page
Dress U's web page
Wendy Kaufman

An Educational and Social Costuming Conference, Dress, U. is shaping up to be quite the costuming event. Focusing on historic costuming before 1960 (but not limited to it), you'll find classes like, A Basic History of Medieval European Women's Headwear, The Dark Dress of Tim Burton, The Fine Art of Plain Sewing, and Steampunk 101. In between classes, you can attend the The Gibson Girl Pool Party, and later, clean up like a shiny new penny and dine at the Titanic Dinner. Tuck in a visit to New York City's garment district, and Philadelphia's museums to round out your class schedule. Go register now!

Dress U. runs June 1-4th, 2012 at The Great Valley Sheraton 707 E. Lancaster Ave 19355 Frazer, PA. Find out more at