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Dress like a celebrity! Star-worthy fashion tips from an expert

This Sass & Bide Dress turns you into an instant Glam Girl
Coquette Boutique

Hollywood’s most glamorous season, the Awards season is coming up. We Glam Girls are hooked to our TV’s checking out the most stunning Sirens on the Red Carpet. According to stylist, fashion designer and boutique owner Aries Milan every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway! Aries should know, she just recently opened her glamorous boutique Coquette in Santa Monica. “Coquette” is a French term for a “young, beautiful, flirty girl”!

Tips from a Hollywood Fashion Expert

• Be bold – don’t be afraid to add your own touch or spin on a current trend.
• · Be an instant trendsetter and transform even the simplest jeans and tee with just one staple piece like an animal print jacket, funky boots, a big, bold necklace or an eclectic belt or another bold accessory pieces.
• · “I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot,” stated the most iconic sex kitten, Marilyn Monroe. Stilettos – wear them with ANY and EVERY outfit. As women they extenuate our legs and really give us that extra “umph,” both in height, style and most importantly they’re an instant confidence booster!
• · Peplum not pleats. Pleats make you appear larger and make your butt and legs look like a gigantic bubble (which is never attractive).
• · Leather – pants, dresses or minis are always a fashion staple.
• · White after Labor Day? Definitely! Even though your grandmother always told you otherwise, it is fashionably acceptable to stroll through the seasons with your white staple pieces, just don’t go overboard.
• · Always accessorize with nail polish. Bold colors are always fun and trendy. Switching it up a bit by painting your ring fingers with a different color or sparkle always adds flair!
• · A hot pink bag, pants or mini can always revamp a “normal” outfit into an immediate style success.
• · Strategically show skin to emulate a classy, sexy appeal but know what to bare and what to keep for the imagination.
• · Beaded embellishments, studs or gem accents on jackets, necklines and shoes are always donned in establishing a chic appeal.
• · Throw on a silk scarf - it’s one of the simplest things you can do and it gives you an instant classic and polished look.
• · Pearls glam up any ensemble and embodies a classically feminine Audrey Hepburn look.
• · Oversized sunglasses are a Fashionista staple that adds instant mystique and mod glam. And let’s face it; we all just love the feel of them too!
• · Be brave! Mix and match bold colors/neon’s into your personal style and most importantly own it!

Need more "Coquette" advise? Visit Aries store on fashionable Montana Avenue!
1230 Montana Avenue, Suite 103
Santa Monica, CA 90403
6pm – 10pm


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