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Dresden Files RPG to release this June

The Dresden Files RPG Vol 1 Cover
The Dresden Files RPG Vol 1 Cover
Evil Hat Productions

The much anticipated The Dresden Files RPG from Evil Hat Productions has announced they will be working with Alliance Game Distributors to release the game to retailers this June.

The Dresden Files RPG is based on the popular series of books by Jim Butcher.  The series of books, 11 in the series so fare with a 12th on the way, follows the adventures of Chicago's witty wizard PI Harry Dresden.

The novels have laid out a great tapestry of characters, landscape (Chicago), and organizations for the game to pull from.

Evil Hat has been putting up sneak peeks of the content of the books for the last few months, and based on those, Evil Hat is hitting the nail on the head.

The Dresden Files RPG will come out with two books; The Dresden Files Role Playing Game Volume 1, Your Story and The  Dresden Files Role Playing Game Volume 2, Our World.

The books are set to debut at the Origins Game fair in Columbus, OH June 23rd.


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