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Dreikorn chooses not to run in November in District 19 Congressional race

Dr. Michael Dreikorn does not qualify for ballot in November, 2014 general election

Libertarians don’t understand how the best Tea Party Candidate in the CD 19 Special Election Primary Race was neglected by both “the Tea Party” and the electorate. Dr. Michael Dreikorn garnered 11% of the vote with a grassroots and no budget effort. Today, May 2, 2014, Ray Netherwood, the Libertarian Party of Florida candidate for District 19 said, “I am saddened by Dr. Dreikorn’s decision to not run again this fall. Were I a Republican, he would have garnered my vote, he most closely espoused Tea Party ideals based on the events I attended back in 2009/10."

There seems to be a consensus with some voters, that the primary election was “bought.” This would seem to be Dr. Dreikorn’s realization, that even with a good, solid message, Clawson throwing some 3 million dollars into a campaign for around the clock advertising, made a low budget campaign virtually impossible -- and that likely wouldn’t change in the next Republican Primary.

The special election for District 19 will be held on June 24, 2014 to fill the seat vacated by Trey Radel. The election will include Netherwood along with Republican Curt Clawson, Democrat April Freeman and Write-In candidate Timothy Rossano.

“I believe Dreikorn would have been a tougher challenger on the issues, so for me, the Clawson win is a good outcome,” Netherwood continued, “if we move away from 30-second sound bites, economic plans concocted by others, and ‘Obama-like excuses’ about performance, voters will see an absence of substance.”

“As the other veteran in the race, Michael and I shared a bond and friendship that grew over time. Should he run for another office in the future, provided there are no Libertarians in the race, I’d be happy to endorse him,” Netherwood concluded with, "during the race Michael stressed that voters should look at issues and vote for the best candidate. So, to Dreikorn supporters, and all District 19 voters, a call for unity should not be based on someone's party affiliation, rather it should be based on principle, merit, and the hope that the person you vote for takes representing you and upholding the Constitution to heart."

Ray Netherwood is a Libertarian candidate for US Congress, District 19. Ray served in the United States Air Force for over 20 years. After retiring from the Air Force in 1995, Ray worked as the Administrator of the Chesterfield Health District and also served as the Acting Executive Advisor to the Deputy for Health Policy for the Virginia Department of Health. Ray and his wife Shelley live in Marco Island, FL.

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