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Dreamliner catches fire in London Heathrow Airport

Boeing 787 Dreamliner catches fire in London
Boeing 787 Dreamliner catches fire in London

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner, operated by Ethiopian Airlines, has caught fire in London's Heathrow Airport, on Friday, July 12th, closing the airport down for all arrivals and departures.

Initial reports are scarce, but all so far as stating that the aircraft was completely empty with no passengers on board and at a remote parking stand. A Heathrow spokesman said: "We can confirm there has been an on-board internal fire involving an Ethiopian Airlines aircraft and the airport's emergency services are in attendance.

"The aircraft was parked on a remote parking stand. There were no passengers on board and there are no reported injuries at this time. Arrivals and departures are temporarily suspended while airport fire crews attend to this incident. This is a standard procedure if fire crews are occupied with an incident."

The airport is advising passengers to check the status of their flights with the airlines.

The Metropolitan Police said: "Police at Heathrow were alerted to a fire on a plane. Emergency services are in attendance. "At this time it is believed no one was on board and there are no reports of any injuries. The fire is being treated as unexplained."

British Airways is due to take delivery of the first two of its 24 Dreamliners, and Virgin Atlantic is to get the first of its 16 Dreamliners in September 2014.

As more information is released, I will make updates regularly.

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