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Dreamer to Dream: Is the the right man?

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Idyllic scenes in our dreams may be pointing out what is right in front of us. At times these dreams can be taken at face value. But if the emotions felt in the dream do not jibe with the scene, the dream’s message is entirely different.

Dear Carolyn,

My friends are advising me to stick with “Bob.” Bob is a nice man, much better than some of the lay-abouts I have dated in the past. I even married one of them! It was so hard to get out of that situation that I have been very leery of relationships since then. I just listen to my gut and most often it says “run!”

Bob does seem like a good guy, and my friends tell me I have become too picky. If I am too cautious, they say I will wind up alone. No one is perfect, of course, but Bob’s little quirks are starting to bug me. He is almost too good and I feel like he is trying to hold on to me too tight. The idea of settling because Bob is well off does not appeal to me.

In my dream I saw a contented cow, like the ones from the old milk commercials. She was black and white and grazing in a beautiful green field. She was actually smiling and humming and swaying as if to show just how content she was.

Then, I saw her in her grave. It sounds weird, but she was still content. Her headstone was a large bag of money!

Is this dream about Bob and me?


A Contented Cow

Dear Contented,

Yes, your dream seems to speak to your ideas about life with Bob.

You do not mention your feelings or any emotion you felt during your dream. Those could be keys to understanding the implications of the dream for you.

Given the background you offered, a couple of possibilities emerge: First, you find yourself at a point of decision in your waking life – should you ‘settle’ for a good man who does not seem to thrill you?

With this question in mind, your dream may be showing you the tranquility and security of a contented life. Like the happy, healthy cow, you could smile and hum and rock along through life, encountering little, if any, discord. You could go that way right on into your grave. No worries!

If that felt good in your dream, go for it Dear Dreamer! All the pieces are in place for a secure future. If you decide to run again, take off with your eyes open! Know what you are leaving behind.

But if, while you observed this scene and its outcome, you felt distressed, or unhappy, or cheated, then you should think again before continuing with Bob. In spite of your friends’ advice, sometimes even a good man is not the right man. And sometimes a cow, even a cash cow, is not the animal we would choose to be.

Sweet Dreams to You!

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