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Dreamer throws hand grenade down the storm drain!

If your dream presents you with an explosion, or even the potential for one, you must pay close attention to its implications. Today’s dreamer seems out of harm’s way, but still should validate that conclusion with her doctor.

A hand grenade in your dream may be indicative of something you control that could be very dangerous to yourself and others.
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Dear Carolyn,

At a reunion recently, I sat at the kitchen table with four generations of women from my family. I had a great time except for learning one extremely troubling thing: My mom and aunts and grandma all talked about a debilitating condition that they say runs in our family. I know it’s partly superstition, but now I’m really scared.

Then I dreamed I was standing on a metal grid over a storm drain. I was with another woman who was dressed as though she was from the 30’s. She wore a big wool camel-colored coat with broad padded shoulders. She had auburn hair in a 1930’s coif. She was beautiful with perfect skin and red lips. We were standing side-by-side on this grid over a storm drain. It must've rained - the streets were wet.

Then a young man came and handed her something. I could see that it was a hand grenade and he had pulled the pin. It had that lever on the side that when released would allow it to explode.

Somehow I got it from her and pushed it between the metal bars of the grid.

It started to fall and I knew it was going to explode below us. But it continued to fall for a long, long, long time. When it finally did explode it was so far below us that it was amazing. We had no idea the drainpipe was so long and deep. We heard it explode and could see the flash of the explosion, but we were unharmed and laughed a little laugh of relief.


Family Bombshell

Dear Bombshell,

Your dream seems to speak about the things from grandmother’s generation and earlier that you are worried could be harmful to you. You are standing there with someone who could be your grandmother, looking beautiful and perfect, when this bomb arrives, similar to the way the news was delivered to you at the table.

You mention your belief that the condition your family members referred to is mostly superstition. So in your dream, you stuff it into the drain pipe even though you know it is going to explode. This is not your best plan of action. While you do not want to assume a literal meaning for your dream, it is prudent to respond to all possibilities. Check with your doctor about the condition and its propensity to follow families. Then you can set your mind at ease.

Happily, in your dream the explosion is so deep, so far below, it is essentially harmless. This is most likely the outcome you will find as you complete your due diligence in researching with your doctor. Then you can again laugh that little laugh of relief.

Sweet Dreams to You, Dear Dreamer!

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