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Dream to dreamer: You haven't lost your identity!

Whenever we dream of our money, our valuables or the places we store them, that dream is not necessarily speaking about actual cash or jewelry, but something intangible we hold dear. Then the setting or the outcome of the dream is most relevant. What happens to your “stuff” and how you feel about it are keys to understanding your dream’s message. Today’s dream shows the dreamer’s loss of everything out of her wallet, almost.

A wallet and its contents may represent more than cash and credit in a dream.  Consider the possibility that its appearance in your dream may speak to your identity or self-worth.
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Dear Carolyn,

My parents say that someone my age cannot experience true love. Teenagers are too young to know the meaning of the word, so my mom says. I know she is trying to help me get over being dumped by my boyfriend, but it doesn’t help. I am in pain, real pain! Even my best friend just says to go out with other guys as a remedy. I tried it with a really cute guy and broke out crying in the middle of the date! “Just get over it!” is not working. I am so sad every day and I don’t know what to do.

Now I have had this weird dream and it really bothered me. Please tell me what you think it means: Someone stole everything out of my wallet – my paycheck and my first credit card, everything! I was so upset I cried and cried. I was sobbing my eyes out until I suddenly realized that I still had my ID and pictures of my mom and dad and my brother. For some reason then I knew that everything was going to be OK.


Broken Hearted

Dear Broken Hearted,

While it is not the same as a more mature, “eyes wide open” love, young love is real, and first love is most poignant. A broken heart is painful no matter how old you are!

Many of us, young and older, put so much value into our relationship with a significant other that we lose a bit of who we are without that person. We surrender too much of ourselves and think our lives have meaning only in relation to the other person. This may be what your parents are trying to guard against. They know that the best relationships most often come when two fully-formed, independent people decide to join forces.

Your dream suggests that you gave up a lot of yourself to be with the guy who dumped you. When he left, he “stole” your most valued possession, your self-esteem. At first, through your sobbing and grief, you thought you had lost your very identity. But no, Dear Dreamer! Your dream reveals that you still have your ID and your family, those who truly love and support you.

You have heard that time heals all wounds. It truly does. So while it seems impossible to you now, it is certain that you will emerge a stronger person and better partner in your next go-round. As for the young man who hurt you, remember also that Time wounds all Heels!

Sweet Dreams to You!

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