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Dream Theater touring with Iron Maiden

Aaron Farrier interview James Labrie for BackstageMusician.Com
Aaron Farrier interview James Labrie for BackstageMusician.Com

Photo By: Aaron Farrier

I was able to catch up with progressive rock giants, Dream Theater last week as they entered the tail end of their tour with long-time favorites and metal icons, Iron Maiden. Their show at the pavilion in Cuyahoga Falls was nothing short of spectacular. Their shorter, 50 minute set was jam-packed with a heavier selection of their songs through the ages from as far back as their 1992 "Images and Words" release to the most recent release of 2009, "Black Clouds and Silver Linings."

Their energetic stage performance, high-impact songs and heavy riffs wowed an audience of all ages as the band plowed through their set list.

It was truly a great experience for two sets of fans, Dream Theater and Iron Maiden, to merge together for a night of heavy metal at its best.

Don't expect Dream Theater to be quiet for too long either. James Labrie said while they do have some time off here in the near future, they plan to continue touring, then prep to record the new record.

In the mean time, Mike Portnoy has one more date with his side project, Transatlantic in London, then embarks on tour playing with Avenged Sevenfold. James Labrie releases his new solo record in September with limited tour dates to follow and then after all that, the band will all be in the same city again once again to begin recording. 

For more info on Dream Theater and their projects: Visit them on their Official Site: as well as Roadrunner Records.
Also be sure to visit BackstageMusician.Com in August to listen to a one-on-one interview podcast with Aaron Farrier and James Labrie recorded on July 15th.


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