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Dream Interpretation: Quit worrying and live

With our own experiences and documented examples of dreams predicting future events, it is important to consider that a dream may be cautioning the dreamer. If you dream of having a flat tire or a blowout, for example, be sure to check the wear and pressure of your tires! Presuming all is well in the auto maintenance department, you must move on to the likelihood that your dream is speaking to you metaphorically, as today’s dream is to this worried dreamer.

Worrying too much can paralyze a person.  Keep fears in perspective in order to enjoy life.

Dear Carolyn,

I dreamed I was trying to help a little girl on a train. She was lost or separated from her parents or something. Anyway, she was scared and huddled in a corner. I guess I could see her thoughts or something like that. There were pictures covering the walls of normal, everyday things. But every time she looked at one of them, she saw something scary. I only remember one of the pictures now. It was of a beautiful young woman seated under a tree. But when this little girl looked at it, she saw the young woman being struck by lightning! I saw it too.

This dream really scares me. It feels like an omen especially because it comes at a time when I’ve finally decided to make some changes in my life! Could this be one of those precognitive dreams that is telling me all the stuff that’s going to go wrong? It seems like something scary is around every corner. I feel paralyzed. What should I do?


Scared to Make a Move

Dear Scared,

It’s true that our dreams can and do warn us of potential hazards or false steps inherent in our circumstances. But let’s look at your dream as you report it. The walls are covered with “normal, everyday things.” It’s only when the scared little girl in you looks at them that the terrors emerge. Her fear changes those run of the mill images to frightening possibilities lurking in routine things.

The little girl huddling in the corner, immobilized, is a metaphor for that part of you that has had a difficult time deciding to make changes in her life. How long have you waited and worried instead of doing what you know you can and should do? Now, you are on the train, getting ready to make the move, when you again begin to look at everything that could go wrong. Disasters everywhere! Who wouldn’t be paralyzed?

It’s good to be cautious and prepared. It’s also important to note that fear of change constitutes fear of growth, an essential to a vibrant life. Realize also that the one image that you remember is that of a young woman being struck by lightning. What are the odds? Are you going to stay inside today to avoid that possibility? Tomorrow?

Remember Dear Dreamer, that worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it won’t get you anywhere. Proceed with caution, but proceed!

Sweet Dreams to You!

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