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Dream Interpretation - no need to duck your high school reunion

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Figures from our past often appear in our dreams. They most often will represent traits we have carried forward that may or may not be helpful now. Or, they may illustrate a dreamer’s own attitude toward himself, one based in past circumstances applied to the dreamer’s current waking life, whether appropriate or not. Consider today’s example of old buddies “haunting” the dreams of our dreamer.

Dear Carolyn,

I don’t know why a couple of guys I haven’t seen since high school keep appearing in my dreams! “Charlie” and “Albert” and I were good buddies. We hung out together every day before, during and after school. We were on the straight and narrow back in those days.

But after graduation, we took different routes. They were in the college set. I could have been too, I guess, but it didn’t work out that way. Anyway, I’m pretty sure they’re ‘main stream’ kind of guys now and I am living an ‘alternate lifestyle.’ I’m comfortable this way except when my kids want things I can’t afford.

Maybe because another reunion is coming up, they’re in my dreams again. Here’s the latest one:

I saw Charlie and Al coming into a hallway and decided to slip behind a door rather than to encounter them and have to explain myself. When I stepped behind the door, Charlie peeked through the crack between the door and door jam and we made eye contact. Then, even though I didn’t want to, I had to step out to say ‘hello.’ He was not happy with me. He was disappointed in me somehow. It was an uncomfortable situation.

Next we were on an open field and a Frisbee or badminton shuttlecock or something came flying toward me. It had sheer cloth streaming along behind. Charlie caught it or deflected it.


Avoiding Charlie and Al

Dear Avoider,

By their very nature, high school reunions trigger self-reviews. That milestone constitutes a perfect opportunity to look back and see how far we’ve come. Also, they present an occasion for competition and comparison. And who better for you to compare yourself to than your old buddies? The key for you will be remembering that it is you making the comparison, not them.

In your dream, you first try to duck the judgment. Keep in mind though that Charlie’s disappointment represents that part of yourself that may be a little saddened that you didn’t push yourself harder. That is most likely what you’re hiding from behind the door – your own view of yourself. It’s important to note that this is how you compare yourself to him, not necessarily the other way around.

Other than wanting to spoil your children, you say you’re happy with your choices. And when you’re out in the open in your dream, the only missile that threatens you is a toy. Charlie deflects that one – an indicator he might be easier on you than you are on yourself.

Sweet Dreams to You, Dear Dreamer!