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Dream Interpretation: New make-up means a new you

Speaking in metaphor and using a richly creative process, our dreams condense a lot of information into a few images. So always be on the lookout for puns and plays on words in your dreams as these provide a lot of understanding in a few words. For example, being arrested in your dream could speak to legal problems, but might also refer to being stuck, or stopped in your tracks - arrested. Today’s dreamer has a play on words to consider too.

In dreams, our make up may represent the make up of our personality.
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Dear Carolyn,

“Mike” and I have been friends for many years. He is extremely well-read and has traveled everywhere, it seems. We talk about culture and art and trends in society – things that I don’t often talk about with anyone else. We live close to each other and have coffee and talk for hours.

A few days ago I dreamed that Mike did my make-up. My husband wasn’t very happy about it, but I knew it was no big deal. From my viewpoint, there was no need to attach any ulterior meaning to it, particularly because Mike is gay.

Mike did a very professional job. My make-up looked great, almost as though I was air brushed. I don’t usually wear much make up, so this was very different for me. And then, I did seem to have another interest in him. It felt odd since he’s gay, but I pulled him toward me and it felt kind of sexual. Then I was a confused and pushed him away.


New Make-Up

Dear New Make-up,

In working with your dream, it will be useful to think about an alternate meaning for “make-up.” Your dream uses Mike’s actions and the term to illustrate your make-up, that is, your traits, or the characteristics that make you up. It appears that you and Mike have a lot in common, and these are things you don’t have in common with anyone else, even your husband. This could explain why your husband could feel a twinge of jealousy about the long conversations you share with Mike, even though Mike isn’t his sexual rival.

In addition, your dream suggests that you are drawn to Mike for the intellectual stimulation he provides – his make-up. He adds to your experience of life in a way that others do not. This leaves you feeling uncomfortable, perhaps because of your loyalty to your husband.

As you’ve demonstrated through years of friendship with Mike, he enriches your life, Dear Dreamer. You pull him toward you because of a yearning to develop that part of yourself to a greater degree, thus the sexual tone to that moment in your dream. This need not mean an infidelity to those you love and have committed your life to. You may pursue your interests in art and culture and all the rest in good conscience. You will be happier and more attractive to your husband than you would if you stifled this part of your “make-up.”

Sweet Dreams to You!

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