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Dream Interpretation: Go your own way

Today's dreamer must strike out on his own, crossing a metaphorical river to find his new love and new life.
Today's dreamer must strike out on his own, crossing a metaphorical river to find his new love and new life.

Our dreams speak to us in the universal language of symbols and metaphors. Certain archetypal images apply no matter the culture of the dreamer. Today’s dreamer offers an excellent case in point.

Dear Carolyn,

In my country, marriages are made with promises. “Lola” promised me and I love her so much. My aunt says to Lola that I am not serious with her. I tried to prove to her that I am serious. I am even praying that I want to get married to this lady. My pressure is that I may not lose her but get her for my life.

I dreamt crossing the river. We were many; but the river has little water which was also pure. In some places we were walking on the dry sand to avoid getting wet. Others looked to be afraid. So we were all encouraging each other that no people left behind. Faith works. As we crossed we were singing a certain song that says believe all are possible. We manage to cross through.

After crossing I took my own way. Others were going to the near town, but it seems to me I was going to another town. But I was able to communicate with them as if I am with them. One lady said I will deposit you the money which I have. So I was happy.

Then I saw Lola, but we are not yet in agreement. Lola said my aunt told her, “He doesn’t mind about you.” I said, “No it is not true.” Then we were in the river bank after crossing. That’s where I met her. The forest of that place was so beautiful and was green but there was a way which we were using to pass.

So please what does this mean?


Wanting to Marry Lola

Dear Wanting,

Crossing a river is symbolic of crossing any threshold into a new way of thinking and a new life. Your dream reflects that crossroads in your life. You must be brave and cross into new territory in order to prove yourself and have the one you love.

Perhaps you have been afraid like the people in your dream. Your dream points out that you must now go your own way – to the other town, not the one that is closest and easiest to get to. Even though your fears come to the forefront, a song of encouragement assures you that faith works and all things are possible.

Sure enough, Dear Dreamer, when you reach the other side, you learn that the “money is in the bank.” And better still, Lola is there waiting for you.

Your dream offers you confidence that though you may feel anxious, now is not the time to follow the crowd. This is how you prove to yourself and Lola that you are serious. Only when you go your own way are your prayers answered. It is then that you find yourself in the beautiful and green forest with the woman you love.

Sweet Dreams to You!

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