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Dream Interpretation - Go fly your kite

Today's dreamer dreams of starting his own business even when his family and friends discourage him.
Today's dreamer dreams of starting his own business even when his family and friends discourage him.
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Today’s dreamer dreams about his dream of going into business for himself.

Dear Carolyn,

I have a good job that meets my needs, but it’s not much fun or very inspiring at all. I’ve been working on the side creating a small business doing something I love – kite building. My family calls it my hobby, but it’s more than that to me. They constantly remind me how difficult starting out on your own can be and how many small businesses fail. All they ever say is, “Don’t jeopardize your security!”

I’ve been nurturing a relationship with a retailer near my home, hoping to sell my kites in greater quantities. I’m excited about this and want to make my living this way. I guess it’s natural that I would dream about kites:

I am with a young boy who has a kite to fly. His kite is one of those rectangular parachutes with lines from both ends used for maneuvering. He can take off with this kite; he can fly.

He does take off, but when he reaches the sky he knocks down another young boy flying in another similar kite. This young boy is bundled up with braces and a helmet and goggles & protective gear of various kinds. He looks like he’s going into a hazardous materials spill!

When he falls to the ground there is a crowd of people who are shocked and worried for his well-being. They are also upset with the young boy who knocked him down and with me. I tell the young boy of course you must go and check on the boy who fell. You must shake his hand.

We go to the next block over and work our way through the crowd to find that young boy in the headquarters of a marathon race. He is okay – no harm done.


Kite Flyer

Dear Kite Flyer,

Your dream offers encouragement to you and your endeavors in a couple of ways. Think of the boys in the dream as different parts of yourself. Both boys can fly!

The boy in the air, all bundled up is the part of you that tries to follow the advice of your family, protecting himself from any hazard that might come from flying so high. But lo and behold! He flies even with every awkward precaution in place.

The folks on the ground, your family and friends who discourage you, are upset that you even tried to fly and in so doing knock down their assertions that you must protect yourself and not take risks. The overprotected boy – you – aren’t injured when knocked out of the sky by the more adventurous part of you.

Your Dreaming Self urges you to find him, the trailblazer, and shake his hand – acknowledge that part of you that may be a little like him. No real harm is done even if you fail (fall), Dear Dreamer. Just remember that the road to success in your new venture isn’t a sprint, but a marathon.

Sweet Dreams to You!

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