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Dream Interpretation: Disaster is headed your way

Today's dreamer rides without protective gear behind her husband on a motorcycle.  Her dream advises that this could spell disaster.
Today's dreamer rides without protective gear behind her husband on a motorcycle. Her dream advises that this could spell disaster.

Our dreams offer multiple layers of meaning. Most of what they present comes in the form of metaphor, but we have countless examples of their predictive capacity as well. Today’s dreamer may take advice from the literal and figurative interpretations of her dream.

Dear Carolyn,

A while ago you really helped me figure out a dream I had about my grandmother and I really appreciated it.

I have had another disturbing dream and was wondering if you could help me out again?

My dream was: My husband and I were riding his Harley. It was on a busy highway, but I did not recognize the road, and we were going quite fast. A car was approaching our side of the road, coming at us head on. The bike began to 'shudder' and I knew we were about to crash. I remember realizing I didn't have my protective leather jacket on and therefore I knew I was going to shred my arms to bits in the inevitable crash. I knew that my husband knew what I was going to feel when we crashed and my arms were shredded. I placed my arms around him and just kept repeating, “It's going to be alright, it's going to be alright.”

My daughter came into my bedroom two days later and told me she had a nightmare - that I had died (she didn't know how) but she was attending my funeral!

Can you please help decipher any of this?


Hoping It Isn’t True

Dear Hoping,

Our dreams can be very unsettling! Sorry you've had such a jarring dream to deal with, coupled with your daughter’s nightmare!

Your daughter's dream is most likely not a part of yours, but rather a metaphor for establishing her own identity. Try not to worry too much about this. But of course, wear your leather jacket and helmet if you go for a ride!

Your dream seems to be speaking about an endeavor you and your husband have embarked upon; represented by your motorcycle ride on a busy (business) road with which you are unfamiliar. This venture requires dexterity and balance and is moving forward quickly. It is risky; you can foresee a negative outcome; and you’re without your protective gear. Your husband is at risk too, even though he seems unaware or unconcerned.

You can see that disaster is imminent - the car coming at you head-on. Both you and your husband know that the very things that can protect you - your arms - will be shredded. Yet you continue your forward motion with a vain effort to protect/console him and yourself, "It's going to be alright."

Perhaps this venture takes the waking form of a rush to an action or decision of some kind. Sometimes such things move forward, even when both parties involved have reservations, because neither person is willing to speak out and change the course: "If s/he thinks it's OK, then it must be OK." Don’t wait to speak your mind, Dear Dreamer!

Sweet Dreams to You!

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