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Dream Interpretation - Dear Boss, You're not funny

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Recurring dreams can be the most upsetting of all dreams. We almost always wake from them confused and frustrated. Why do I keep having this dream?! The good news is that recurring dreams’ link to waking life is one of the clearest.

Dear Carolyn,

To keep things anonymous, I will only say that I am in a high-powered, high-profile career. I have a lot of authority and a lot of responsibility. It really is a great job that carries with it respect and a good paycheck. I love the job and all the perks of being the one people look to for direction. My words carry weight.

But one thing I don’t like about the job is that I always have to say the right thing. I can never relax and say what I’m really thinking. I have to be politically correct all the time. If I make a joke, people take it the wrong way. I get complaints that almost always start with: “A person in your position…” I have been directed to apologize for things that should add levity. So it is a stifling in that way.

Anyway, I have had this dream many times over the years. It varies in some details, but is without a doubt another version of the same dream, again and again: I am dressed for work but I seem to be the mailman (I am NOT a mailman!). I have only one letter, but for some reason, I cannot get it to the addressee. No matter how many places I take it, no one wants it. I am very frustrated by this, but I keep trying to deliver the letter. I feel confused since it’s a perfectly good letter, nothing like the bill collector or the IRS. I wake up lost and bewildered.

What do you make of this dream?


Just Kidding

Dear Kidder,

Recurring dreams have a timing mechanism that is straightforward – they recur when the dreamer repeats a particular pattern of behavior. Often the behavior is negative or self-defeating in some way.

One strategy for getting a clear understanding of the meaning of a recurring dream is to write it down when it happens. Coupled with that, make note of the events of the day or days before the dream. Chances are excellent that you will quickly recognize the pattern of your dream’s recurrence.

If you make a note of your dream the very next time you have it, it seems likely that you will see your dream of an undelivered message (the letter) recurs when you have some pent up humor that you must stifle at work.

Clearly, your jokes do not belong in your serious, professional setting. But you have a sense of humor that’s itching to get out. Find an outlet for your humor, Dear Dreamer, before you crack wise one time too many!

Sweet Dreams to You!