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Dream Interpretation and Other Mystical Interpretations

Reiki is one of the many practices that Marty is proficient in.
Reiki is one of the many practices that Marty is proficient in.
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When Marty Gegner was a teenager, she had a frightening dream that told her not to leave the house. The nightmare seemed so real and frightened her so much her mother, who believed in the power of dreams, encouraged her to stay home from school until the fear lifted. It took two days.

The second night after the dream she was supposed to attended a bridal shower. The bride and her three bridesmaids (her sisters) were going to pick her up on the way.

“I decided not to go because of the fear that arose each time I tried to talk myself into going,” said Gegner. “I ‘knew’ I was not to leave the house even though I didn't know why.”

On the way to the bridal shower her friends were hit by a train while crossing railroad tracks at a blind intersection; all but one died. The lone survivor was critically injured and remains profoundly handicapped. Gegner did not hear of the accident until the next morning after I woke up feeling ‘normal.’

Gegner said, “At the funeral every detail was exactly as I had dreamed it except for one thing; I was not in a coffin as I had been in my dream. My dream, and my mother, had prevented it from becoming a reality.”

Profound? Powerful? A gimmick? For years people have tried to determine the significance of dreams – Gegner has made a career out of it by working as a Certified Dream Facilitator. She has over 25 years of experience interpreting dreams. Certified by The Haden Institute and the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work, she is currently a faculty member of The Haden Institute Summer Dream Conference as well as an active member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and the American Tarot Association.

Gegner, however, wasn’t always a dream facilitator. Living in California, she had a very different life. As a make-up artist, she did make-up for Good Morning America and other shows for over 10 years. As a result, she got to meet many stars. Her favorite was Julia Childs, for whom she did all of her videos, commercials and Good Morning America segments. She kept in touch with Childs until she passed away in 2004.
“Julia Childs was an amazing person,” said Gegner. “She was very kind and helped me to see that you could start over later in life.”

Gegner also enjoyed working with Tom Selleck and said, “I expected him to be arrogant but he was one of the most humble people I worked with.”

Hesitating to mention artists that she did not enjoy working with, she did say, “The soap opera stars – they were the ones that were the snots.”

Gegner planned to continue doing make-up when she and her husband moved to Vienna, VA in 2004. Fate intervened when her eye started hemorrhaging and the retina in her right eye detached. Recovering from the surgery, she had a lot of time to think and realized that this injury was pointing her in a new direction.

She started an intensive two-year program for Dream Leader Training at the Haden Institute in Asheville, NC. When she received her certificate, she started working at Terra-Christa in Vienna, VA. It wasn’t long before she opened her own business, Dream Work Consulting, on Maple Avenue. She is currently located on Nutley Avenue.
Given that she did a lot of ‘hurry up and wait’ in the make-up business, Gegner said that she had a lot of time to sit back and watch people interact. Not just the stars, but also the crew members.

“It was interesting to see how they interacted,” said Gegner. “You could see how patterns come out to the forefront.
Gegner’s current work is all about patterns. Whether she is interpreting dreams, reading tarot cards or doing reiki, she can see patterns. When these patterns are destructive, she helps people ‘evolve’ patterns.

“Patterns never change but they do evolve,” she said. “When you work with one’s pattern of thinking, it can be helpful or hurtful.”

It is these hurtful patterns that need to be dealt with. Gegner spoke about one client who came to her on a Friday afternoon – she was suicidal. Gegner spent some time with her and was able to convince her to wait until Monday [to commit suicide].

Fortunately, the client waited, and Marty was able to work with her in conjunction with mental health professionals to get her back on track.

Another client had very bad nightmares. She was abused in her early life and was very angry and not very communicative.

“It took three years to help her find her self-worth,” said Gegner. “She expanded her career and I saw her smile for the first time in two years. It was a work in progress and was amazing to watch.”

"I have been privileged to work with Marty Gegner for years. Her ability to see into people's dreams goes beyond mere intellectual wisdom.

“She has a honed gift to see beneath the surface and to suggest layers of meaning that are not so obvious,” said Forbes Blair, author and teacher. “There are few people whose insights I trust on matters of the mind and spirit. Marty Gegner is among them".

Kathryn Weill, Celtic Heart, LLC, said, “Marty is the ultimate dream work guide. She is both analytical and intuitive as she guides and facilitates you to finding the true meaning of your dreams, layer by layer.

“She is sensitive, caring and generous in her analysis. During my dream work sessions with Marty I have been enlightened and inspired, I have even felt goose bumps during those amazing aha! moments.”

Gegner admitted that things don’t usually get quite so dramatic. She also doesn’t have prophetic dreams (like the one that saved her life) on a regular basis but she had had at least three other prophetic dreams that were very important.

For two weeks, she dreamt that her husband was in the hospital. She pleaded with him to see a doctor even though he had no symptoms. It turned out that he had a shredded mitral valve and needed immediate heart surgery. The doctor said that he wouldn’t have lived if he hadn’t come in when he did.

Gegner also dreamed about 9-11. Unfortunately, she didn’t have enough information from the dream to do anything about it. She dreamt about two towers that were shattered and the dream conveyed that something so profound would happen that “life on earth was going to change.”

Another time, she had a vision of a young girl. She was blonde, wearing a tank top and her hands were tied and her mouth was gagged. She was lying in dirt with some leaves. The dream mentioned “Angela’s Crest,” which Gegner remembered from her time living in California.

She contacted the police and described the woman. It turned out that somebody with that description was missing. Gegner was able to provide other landmarks and the body of the woman was found.

Gegner was upset that she was dead, and said “After doing it, I didn’t want to do it again. It’s too much responsibility and it’s not something I can control.”

Jeremy Fuller, who is a renowned author and dream facilitator, said "Marty's generous, kind, skillful, and generously creative approaches to dream work make her a superb companion and guide on the path to deeper awareness, self-knowledge, and spiritual development. I am particularly moved by her facilitation of dream inspired art, and her sensitive grasp of the archetypal levels of the Tarot. She has a deft ability to apply both of these ways of working to nurture and illuminate dreams."

With Tarot Cards Gegner helps clients work with images. “It’s all about you – and the cards are different for every person. There is a universal archetype but each card represents different things to people.”
The King of Sword card (reversed) shows a hurtful pattern and if it’s a case of somebody who uses words to hurt people, they can work on one’s pattern of thinking.

“Tarot cards and dreams can be quite confusing. This makes it important to have a qualified and experienced guide to help you navigate this mystical, magical, marvelous world,” said Gegner, who works with clients on both an individual basis as well as in groups.

“I enjoy teaching, but also like working [with clients] one on one,” said Gegner. “I will always do both.”

Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is becoming more and more popular. It uses the natural energy of the universe to funnel through the body.

Gegner is a certified Reiki practitioner and teacher. Reiki is effective because it releases blocked energies, relieves stress, and helps alleviate pain. Reiki works to re-establish the natural state of health as it relaxes the body, mind, and spirit. A Reiki treatment takes about an hour. During that time you are fully clothed and relax on a warmed Reiki table.

Just by placing a light touch on the body the body, mind and spirit are balanced. It doesn’t take the place of medicine, but can be used as a healing modality in conjunction with more traditional methods. Gegner said that most clients feel the effects the first time and while some clients do reiki on a regular basis, others come back when they feel the need.

When used in conjunction with Chakra, Reiki is especially effective. “Different notes affect different parts of the body,” said Gegner. “The bowl can’t change its notes but the body adapts to its vibration. You wake up feeling very refreshed.

Reflexology is a natural healing art, based on the principle that all parts of the body have a corresponding ‘reflex’ point in the feet and hands. Applying pressure to these points stimulates a healthy response in the glands, organs, spine and nerves, empowering the body's natural drive toward balance.

Gegner’s clients come from all over the Washington, D.C. area. Many of Gegner’s clients have been with her for years.

One client said, "Marty is a welcome Oasis in what can be a turbulent life. She provides a wealth of love and encouragement for those of us who don't walk the beaten path, but instead make our footsteps the first time on a new path. She blends practicality, wisdom, common sense, and spirituality in a way that leads one back to their inherent power. She understands the human spirit can be broken, and helps us discover our own unique path to healing.

“She has helped me find my way back to my True Self and I am claiming my ‘inner gold’. In Marty I have found a woman of wisdom, a spiritual mother and a mentor. If you are looking to explore and expand your soul using a grounded approach in an accepting and supportive environment, you won't find a better source than Marty.”

Dream Work Consulting is located at 311 Maple Avenue West, Suite K, Vienna, VA 22180. For more information, call 703-608-1030 or visit

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