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Dream home winners announced: 1 dream home still up for grabs

Winners of the STARS Dream Home in Red Deer get to enjoy this modern-styled property built by Falcon Homes worth almost $1 million dollars.
Winners of the STARS Dream Home in Red Deer get to enjoy this modern-styled property built by Falcon Homes worth almost $1 million dollars.
Falcon Homes Facebook/Deanna Hall Photography

The winner of the Alberta, Canada STARS Lottery dream home in Red Deer was announced on March 26, 2014 by the High River Times. Bill Rader and his wife Tonya Kropf, along with their two-year-old son Ethan, won the Casabella 2,504-square-foot home, and they couldn't be more surprised by their $945,000 win.

STARS Red Deer Dream Home winners can't believe their good luck.
High River Times

Right now, it's still a shock to (my )system that we won this," Bill said.

HGTV 2014 Dream Home winner Laura Martin from Boise Idaho knows how he feels, only learning about her win of the over $2 million home, money, vehicle package on March 18, when the camera crews showed up at her office to surprise her.

I'm about to wet my pants," she exclaimed when they told her.

The U.S. dream home winner beat out over 72 million other sweepstakes entrants for the coveted home prize located near Lake Tahoe in the Truckee community. But in Bill Rader's case in Canada, he shared his good fortune in the STARS Lottery with a lot more home winners, including a winner of a Calgary custom home valued at over $1.3 million, an Edmonton custom home valued at $964,000 and a Lethbridge home worth $799,000. And there was even a home-away-from-home winner of a $127,430 truck and trailer package in our neighbor to the north's giveaway this month, according to Global News.

Those still aspiring to win a dream home this year have at least one more chance in which to do it thanks to Publishers Clearing House, which is still touting their $3 million dream home sweepstakes. In that giveaway you will not have to worry about paying property taxes on a home win or worry about whether you can move to the new home's location site. You will not even have to worry about whether you like or hate the furniture in the home or the design of the house. And that's because PCH is giving you $3 million dollars to design and build your home how and where you want it.

Now that's what I call a "dream" home. The only problem is some conflicting information on the entry forms for this sweeps opportunity. For example, if you like playing the PCH games on the website, then playing PCH Instant Bingo will give you an entry into this sweepstakes. But it shows the home money giveaway is scheduled to end on March 31, and that the payout for the winner will be $75,000 a year for 29 years, with a final lump sum payout of $825,000 in the 30th year after your win. But that isn't going to help you build a dream home, as no one stretches out such a building project for 30 years.

Likewise, if you Google the term "PCH Dream Home" you will see two ads at the top of the page from the company. The first one says the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes entry period has already ended, on Feb. 20, 2014, but no winner is listed. And that the payout was to be a 30-year payout, with the $75,000 a year deal described previously. But the second ad shows the sweepstakes is going on through June 23, 2014 and that it will be a $3 million lump sum payout when the winner's name is drawn.

Still another Publishers Clearing House Dream Home entry opportunity is found on the PCH Blog, which shows that June 23, 2014 is the last date to enter to win, and the winner will receive $3 million dollars in one lump sum payout.

Unfortunately, none of the rules on either entry form lets you know exactly when the drawing will occur for the largest-prize home giveaway opportunity being offered to sweeps entrants this year. But if the winner is chosen in 2014, the win will surpass that of the HGTV and Canada STARS giveaways by about a million. And the lucky recipient will get to choose where they build that home--and how it is designed and decorated. And isn't that a dream come true?

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