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Dream home party style ideas


HGTV Dream Home 2010

The 2010 HGTV Dream Home giveaway entry period is officially over and on March 15th one lucky person will win the beautiful New Mexico home along with $500,000 and a new GMC® Terrain.

The awe-inspiring home is situated between Santa Fe and Albuquerque in Sandia Park at the San Pedro Overlook.  Surround by a sprawling desert landscape and filled to the brim with all of lifes modern convenience's, this home truly has it all.

There's only one unanswered question about this fantastic giveaway, Whos the lucky winner? It could be anybody, the annual contest recieves millions of enties every year through the internet alone. Whoever the lucky soul is one thing is certain, a party will insue.  To help with one aspect of the gathering here are a few style ideas for the party hostest looking to compliment her home without fading into the scenery.


Turquoise heels

The Shoes: Great shoes are key for a great party look.  Not only are you going to want something comfortable enough to dance in all evening, you're going to need that extra flare to ground your outfit.  For a party in your home remember to take inspiration from the colors around you, turquoise goes great with the desert inspired color scheme In the HGTV Dream Home.  It stands out from the natural beige tones on the walls and the dark grain of the floor.  Turquoise also happens to be a color rich with New Mexican falre. 

Heels however aren't the only party option.  A nice pair of ballet flats,  Native American made moccasins or some coboy boots can work just as well, so long as you remember to color coordinate the rest of your outfit.


Khaki Dress

The Clothes: Since a house wariming party is usually a laid back event featuring the warm greetings of family and friends, your best bet for party attire is a comfortable pair of jeans and a stylish blouse.  A dark skinny jean paired with a tunic style top and matching heels is one possible look that will be sure to please.

Another great way to dress up for a party without looking too over done is to wear a simple, solid color, coctail length dress. A khaki dress, for example, pared with a chunky turquoise stone necklace and a nice pair of heels will surely make an impression on your guests. Some quality khaki dresses can be found at Banana Rebublic.

For a more classic dressy look you might try a black button up t-shirt dress pared with the turquoise heels above and a turquoise stone necklace.  Wearing black will create a more dramatic look, setting a diffrent tone for the party.

The accessories:  As for the jewelry, its all about stones.  Wearing big peices with natural shapes compliments the enviroment.  The 2010 Dream Home is set againt the beautiful backdrop of nature and no outfit could possibly out shine the view, but turquoise stones will certainly compliment the out door feel of the great indoor space.

For a better look at the New Mexico Dream home pick up some home tour tickets from East Mountain High, all proceeds will benefit the school. Good luck to all who entered the giveaway.


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