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Dream Alive interviews on debut album

The Los Angeles based band Dream Alive is ready to release their rocking debut eight song album Before The Dawn on July 29th. The band consists of Nik Phoeniks (lead vocals / keyboard), Ramon Ryder (rhythm guitar / vocals), Karan Parikh (lead guitar / vocals), Martin Fredriksson (bass) and Stanley Love (drums).

Keeping the Dream Alive
Photo by Irving Ong. Courtesy of Renee Harrison

Influences include classic rock (Journey and Pink Floyd), modern rock (Muse and Coldplay) and more. The first single, the well produced "Don't Say No," has a video directed by Irving Ong (a writer and producer of Heartbreakers, which stars Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sigourney Weaver). The music lends itself well to visual representation. The band next plays at the Los Angeles House of Blues in the Foundation Room on July 4th. Lead singer Nik Phoeniks discusses the new album and more in this interview:

W.E. What are your thoughts and feelings regarding your new debut album Before The Dawn?

N.P. Before The Dawn is the culmination of the band's past year as we worked tirelessly writing and arranging the music, digging deep to come up with new sounds and textures that would do the songs justice. We’re all huge fans of rock but also have varying musical influences that we integrated into the album (ranging from psychedelic to cinematic, to all-out rocker anthems and everything in between).

W.E. How did you approach finding such strong musical arrangements for the songs?

N.P. The arrangements were modified constantly, from the genesis of the songs all the way through the recording process. Some songs came rather quickly (“Waiting So Long” was pretty much written on the spot, lyrics and all), while on other tracks we completely changed the arrangement late into the recording process (as with “Away From You” - which we made grittier during the verses so that the lush chorus harmonies really stand out). Until we had that “aha” moment with each song, we'd keep working.

W.E. How would you describe the difference between the band's recorded sound in comparison to the live sound?

N.P. We purposely play the songs slightly different live. The amazing energy we get feeding off the crowd is a completely different environment than being in the studio, and we try to use the limitations provided by the stage (as opposed to the limitless sounds/effects access in the studio) to our advantage. The title track, "Before The Dawn" is a case in point: it’s very cinematic on the album with orchestrated strings, but live we like to rock it out and give the audience one helluva finale.

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