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Drea Weds on the 'Hollywood Exes' Finale

Andrea Kelly's wedding aired on the 'Hollywood Exes' finale.
Photo by Katy Winn/Getty Images for IMG

The Hollywood Exes finale included the much-anticipated wedding between Andrea Kelly and Brian McKee. The exes had recently returned from a vacation in Hawaii. In the season finale, which aired on July 2, 2014, Andrea had one final cry over an innocent question that Shanna Moakler asked during a game of truth and dare. Drea healed just a little more after she had a heart to heart discussion with Shanna and Nicole over the golden shower question that dredged up past pain with her ex-husband R. Kelly.

Meanwhile, while working on plans for her church’s sixth annual women’s retreat, Sheree Fletcher took some time to talk with her husband, Pastor Terrell Fletcher about her plans to step down from the women’s ministry. She no longer wanted to serve as director and felt that God had called her to motivate a larger audience of people. She revealed that she hates “being in a box” and during an emotional discussion with her husband, she talked about some of her fears and thoughts. Her husband told her that he wanted her “to go into a positive place,” but Sheree was worried that Terrell felt that her decision to step down from the women’s ministry was somehow motivated by her friendship with the Hollywood Exes.

Next, there were some tense moments when Jessica Canseco came to launch event for Nicole’s Destiny Moscato. Jessica came to apologize to Drea and Shamicka for sending a couple of tests that said that black girls and white girls don’t mesh and that Shamicka was a hoodrat. The ladies were heated after Shanna showed them the texts. Drea made it clear that she would never be friends with Jessica and that Jessica wasn’t sorry that she sent the texts, she was just sorry that she got caught. Jessica said in her confessional that she would be fine with not being friends with the two ladies. She left the party, and luckily Nicole’s party was not ruined.

Finally, Drea and Brian were married in Nicole’s gorgeous backyard. Nicole was a glowing bride in a beautiful gown that hugged her curves. During the ceremony, Brian song a special song for Drea. None of the Hollywood Exes would say what they thought about the song, but he was clearly out of tune. During the reception, Mayte’s husband announced that he was moving to California, closer to Mayte, within two weeks. Mayte certainly made it clear that she wanted to be the next bride. She didn’t wait for the bouquet to be thrown. She ran and grabbed it. Overall, the episode ended on a positive note, but apparently Drea and Brian are no longer together.

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