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Draya Michele still feuding with Chantel Christie on Twitter

Draya is still upset with Chantel, calling her out on Twitter.

Chantel Christie already admitted that the whole Orlando Scandrick ordeal was blown out of proportion but Draya isn't over it. Still upset with Chantel, Draya is still slamming Jackie Christie's daughter on Twitter. On Saturday just days before the reunion is set to air, Draya tweeted a message to Chantel that said, "Still haven't Heard your album yet 👀 wanna talk about that ⁉️@ChanteIChristie"

Chantel Christie has yet to respond to Draya's tweet. Highly unusual, the younger Christie was right in the thick of the drama that her mom, Jackie Christie was quick to start.

Now Chantel already admitted to blowing the Orlando ordeal way out of proportion. What it looks like were possibly a few phone conversations, Jackie had everyone thinking that Orlando was trying to have an affair with Chantel. Of course Draya knew the truth all along but that didn't stop their "love triangle" from being one of the hottest topics during season 3 of "Basketball Wives LA."

After the first insulting tweet thrown at Chantel, Draya took to Twitter again. This time she warned the younger reality TV drama queen, "Don't throw Shade if you don't want it back."

In the meantime, Chantel has been very active on Twitter but has said nothing about Draya or any of the other women from "Basketball Wives LA." She is promoting her new makeup line called Chantel Nicole Cosmetics. Matter of fact, that's just about all she has been talking about online. She must be busy selling that lipstick she wore for the Draya and Orlando pop up that she and her mother pulled off.

The "Basketball Wives LA" reunion show airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET. It's too bad that Draya will be interviewed separately by Shaunie O'Neal in the back. She has beef with Sundy and Jackie that needs to be discussed. Then again, if she tried to talk about it on stage with those two present, she wouldn't be heard over all the screaming. It's unknown if Chantel will be attending. She should be though because she has some explaining to do and she owes Draya an apology.

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