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Draya Michele 'maturing' or just looking for a spin-off show?

Many speculate that Draya Michele is campaigning for a spin-off show.
VH1 Press

Drama has been high on season 3 of "Basketball Wives LA" and Draya Michele seems to always be right in the middle of it. On March 29, Enstarz reported that after the fight Draya had with Sundy Carter, she is looking to leave the show but not in the way that you think.

Draya wants her own show to spin-off from the current series. She has gone out of her way to show maturity and growth this season. Draya has even admitted that she's never felt like really settling down with a man before and finally she has that with her boyfriend, Orlando Scandrick.

Jackie Christie's crew of friends that include Sundy Carter and Brittish Williams have really been picking at Draya this season to the point where things have become physical. A recent episode showed the altercation where Draya and Sundy brawled to the point where Sundy ended up with a black eye.

When speaking about the fight, Draya always seems baffled as to why the other women argue and fight with her. "They should just give me my own show. It's all about me. I think that the audience wants to get more of Draya," she said recently in an interview.

Should Draya Michele get a spin-off show after this season of "Basketball Wives LA"? If she is becoming so mature and there is no more drama, would anyone watch it?

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