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Drawing the line in San Diego on world torture

Survivors of Torture, International, has a sacrosanct mission. It is one of the few anti-torture groups in America and the only one in San Diego with a mission to end the cruelty for millions around the world.
Its message and its mission continues to resonate in San Diego. It is advertising for a community relations manager.
An estimated 11,000 survivors of torture live in San Diego County and an estimated 400,000 – 500,000 live in the United States.
Survivors of Torture, International, was founded in 1997 to build a healing community for survivors of politically motivated torture living in San Diego County. It has served more than 1,500 torture survivors from more than 80 different countries, according to its web site. Its torture treatment center is accredited with the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims.
In 2012, it provided 247 clients, including 151 new clients, with mental health, medical and case management services, according to its annual report. It listed its annual revenue at $830,000 in 2012.
It offers a holistic program that includes medical, dental, psychiatric, psychological, and social services. Treatment helps survivors heal from their trauma, rebuild trust in others, and reconnect with their families. With treatment, they are able to go back to school, find steady employment, and take care of their families, its web site claims.
Just the subject of torture alone can make most of us uncomfortable, yet scratch the surface and the torture debate can heat up.
According to a 2009 Pew report on “The Religious Dimensions of the Torture Debate,” “… statistical analysis that simultaneously examines correlations between views on torture, partisanship, ideology and demographic variables (including religion, education, race, etc.) finds that party and ideology are much better predictors of views on torture than are religion and most other demographic factors.”
Torture is not a political issue for Kathi Anderson, Survivor’s executive director. It’s a human issue. Right or left, liberal or conservative, regardless of who she talks to or where she goes in San Diego, the message is the same. “We believe torture is always wrong, regardless of who does it.”
San Diego is a “military town,” mostly conservative. Nevertheless, her message of a torture-free world is always well received, she said. There is no debate about foreign policy or national security.
“It’s not even a discussion for us.”
Survivors of Torture, International, can be reached at

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