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Drawing inspiration from artist-in-residence Beverly Penn

Example of the jewelry created in the Crafternoons: Jewelry workshop
Example of the jewelry created in the Crafternoons: Jewelry workshop
Photo courtesy of Lux Art Institute used with permission

Lux Art Institute is featuring adult friendly classes for the month of July that reflect on current artist-in-residence Beverly Penn who creates fluid bronze sculptures from plants and materials that she finds.

The two-part Crafternoons: Jewelry workshop teaches attendees how to make jewelry that draws inspiration from Lux’s current artist-in-residence Beverly Penn. The workshop is taught by local jewelry maker Jennifer Housman, who created her first jewelry collection from the inspiration she had while viewing the land between New Jersey and San Diego as she flew between them. She combined wire wrapping with stones, creating unique pieces. For the workshop participants will tour Beverly Penn’s exhibit and then discover found objects along Lux’s nature trail to create their own unique pieces. The process will use molds of attendee’s found objects and metal wrapping to create jewelry. The first park of the workshop takes place Thurs. July 10 and concludes on July 17, both workshops are from 1 to 3 P.M. and all materials are provided. The workshop is $65 for members and $80 for non-members, the workshop is for ages 18 and up and online registration is required.

Following the second workshop on Sat. July 19, spend a relaxing day appreciating art with Yoga in the Garden and Slow Art Saturday.

All ages are welcome for Yoga in the Garden. Attendees will get to experience relaxation in the perfect setting of the garden in the back of the new Education Pavilion. Following the “savannas in the sun”, attendees will continue their meditation by spending time up at the Artists Pavilion viewing Beverly Penn’s bronze sculptures. Admission is $10 for members and $15 for non-members online registration is preferred. Yoga in the Garden will take place every following Sat. after July 19.

After yoga attendees can take part in Slow Art Saturday. Based on the international slow art day in April, it allows visitors to examine every aspect of a single piece of art. Taking place in the gallery at the Artist Pavilion, they will spend an hour examining all the subtle details of a single piece of Beverly Penn’s bronze sculptures. Attendees are invited to bring along their own sack lunch, which can be enjoyed during the follow-up discussion led by one of Lux’s educators. Slow Art Saturday on July 19 is free for members and guests under the age of 21 and $5 for non-members 21 and over.