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Drawing a picture of Irina the cat at the Pinnacles

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Ailurophiles will enjoy displaying art of their own felines. So for people who like to draw, creating an illustration of their own cats is a great way to save money. Also, a cat's own human is far more in tune with the mannerism and idiosyncrasies of a special feline, and thus will be able to capture this with more emotional currency than a detached third party. The illustration of Irina with the Pinnacles as a backdrop is a very special piece because the artist melded two of the subjects that she cares about the most: a favorite corner of the San Bernardino Mountains and Irina the cat. The following steps were used to create the Irina and the Pinnacles drawing featured here:

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Step 1;

A reference photograph of Irina and of the Pinnacles was used to create the drawing.

Step 2:

A drawing pencil was used to draw the body of Irina the cat on rough draft paper.

Step 3:

The Pinnacles were drawn behind Irina.

Step 4:

Tracing paper was used to transfer the drawing from the rough draft paper to a more sturdy sheet of drawing paper.

Step 5:

Several shades of colored pencils were used to color in the hills of the Pinnacles.

Step 6:

Bronze and gray colored pencils were used to render the colors of the boulders on the hills. Blades of green, orange, and ocher colored wild grass were sketched in around the hills where Irina stands in this composition, but it was worth it for the time invested to create the desired look for this imagined scene. This is what Irina might look like if she were to spend a day exploring around the Pinnacles up in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Step 7:

Yellow and green colored pencils were also used to create the chapparal and senecio douglasii flowers closer to the foreground. This imagery is evocative of the photograph taken on the Pinnacles during a spring hike when many flowers were in bloom.

Step 8:

A black colored pencil was used to create the fur on Irina.

Step 9:

The pinkish portion of Irina's ears was colored in with a lavender and cream colored pencil. Her eyes were created with a yellow and black colored pencil.

Step 10:

The sky surrounding Irina the cat was created with a light blue colored pencil. First shading in around the perimeter Of Irina, and then expanding outward.


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