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Drawing a picture of a cat next to a large flower

Sometimes it is enthralling to create a whimsical colored pencil drawing, such as the one of Irina the cat next to the large flower. Cat artwork will appeal to ailurophiles, but people who love to draw might also enjoy creating feline illustrations. The Irina the cat and flower drawing pictured here was created with a drawing pencil and colored pencils.

The drawing of the large flower is in a vase that has cross-hatching on it to create dimension.  Irina is looking up at the flower.
Drawing by Julia Hanna
A colored pencil drawing of Irina cat with a large flower.
Drawing by Julia Hanna

The inspiration for this drawing came from observing how Irina the cat likes to sit for long hours looking at flowers in vases on the coffee table. Thus, the idea came to fruiting of creating a large impressionistic flower to tower over Irina, which is similar to how humans look down on cats. Cat owners often wonder about how their feline companions feel about this difference in size, and this composition with the cat and flower sort of explores this relationship. Plus, it is just fun to draw an impressionistic flower, and why not?

Take a look at the slideshow and video to see how the colored pencil drawing of Irina the cat and the large flower was created from start to finish.