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Draw a picture of a cat with a moon scene

Drawing a picture of a cat with a moon scene was a unique way to create new art for the home. Most people who own cats enjoy artwork depicting felines, and drawing a picture of your own cat can be that much more meaningful. Even if you go out and buy art supplies and drawing books as inspiration for a cat drawing, this is a budget craft compared to hiring someone to draw or paint a picture of your cat. The cat with the moon background was created using the following materials.

Starting to draw the cat with a pencil.
Starting to draw the cat with a pencil.
Drawing by Julia Hanna
Colored pencil drawing of a cat with a moon scene.
Drawing by Julia Hanna.
  • a reference photograph of a cat
  • drawing pencils
  • colored pencils
  • drawing paper
  • a picture frame

After the cat drawing was completed, a budget friendly picture frame was selected to showcase the cat art on the wall. This silver frame cost two dollars when it was purchased a couple years ago, but dollare stores another option for artists and crafters on a budget. These might not be the most expensive picture frames in the world, but those of us who need to save money can often find something cute and worth bringing home. So if you have never drawn a picture of your cat before, what is the hold-up? Grab a pencil and start drawing today.

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