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Draw a bird in San Diego for 'Draw a Bird Day'

Darlene Luckins draws a killdeer chick
Darlene Luckins draws a killdeer chick
Darlene Luckins

Today, April 8th is the official “Draw a Bird Day”. This is the day where everyone should try to draw a bird. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just fun. In San Diego, there are no official activities for “Draw a Bird Day,” but there are places where one can go to draw birds or nature from life. Here are a few suggestions of great places to go to draw a bird, landscape or any other part of nature.

First, to draw from nature, one will need some drawing materials. A good sketch pad and no. 2 pencil is just fine. Crayons and colored pencils work well, too. Unless you’re planning to make a gallery-type of artwork, you will not need expensive papers and pencils. You can also bring along paints if you want. A camera is also helpful because birds don’t often sit still and you may want to finish your drawing at home.

J Street Marina: J Street Marina off of highway 5 in Chula Vista is a popular place to draw from nature. There are many places to sit and watch birds, some of which might be sleeping or moving around slowly depending on the time of day.

Lake Murray: This part of the Mission Trails Regional Park in east San Diego has many picnic tables, shaded areas, and lots of shoreline where you can work alone or in groups. Birds at this location include ducks, geese, shorebirds, herons, and many more.

Mission Bay Park: Some areas in this park have tables and shaded areas and some don’t. Birds here include gulls, terns, shorebirds, ducks and geese.

Buena Vista Lagoon: Certain areas of this lagoon in Oceanside are great for watching and drawing birds. Their visitor’s center has great specimens to sketch from. Also, check out their other activities.

Coronado Island: Coronado often has many shorebirds and waterfowl in the area. Try sitting at a bench or picnic table at Glorietta Bay and birds will appear after a few minutes. Benches are located all along the walkway from the Ferry Landing to Glorietta Bay.

You can enter your drawing on the official “DABDay” website.

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