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Drama is not vitality

Be the best you can be first
Be the best you can be first

The word vitality and drama were frequenting my muddled mind this morning as I poured my first coffee. And I asked myself why so many of us are truly brought to life by senseless drama? Is that really all we know so when the chaos begins so does are adrenaline and energy?.We wake up quickly don’t we? Whether it be the personal, professional problems of others, somehow drama provides a catalyst to prove ourselves. For many, it is a form of self-expression, a notch up on the esteem meter that shows how we can make all the difference by actively taking responsibility. Generally, it just doesn’t work. And nine times out of 10, drama takes us away from real giving and opportunity.

We can spend hours in a conference room or on the phone calming a heated situation; can you imagine what you could have done during that time.? Maybe, you missed the e-mail that your daughter won an award, or call that your best friend just survived surgery. Oh sure, you can always check later. That is everyone’s excuse.

As I become less and less involved in drama, I realize the time I have to grow and learn. I realize the time I have to build my resume or portfolio. I realize the time I have to teach others that want to learn. I realize the time I have to explore new options. I realize that I am physically and mentally becoming stronger with more patience, rather than less, strangely enough. Because I am not surrounding myself with muck and mire. That is just a prescription for disaster.

Many comment that they just don’t have a choice when taking care of family, friends and business but we do. We can’t be accomplished, feed on opportunity, build our own messages and love others without doing the best we can for ourselves first.As we speak of the ongoing drama in our lives, we don't realize how the eyes of those that truly love us begin to dim or think, here we go again! Their voices become whispers to our own chaos.

Some say when they finally reach the point of excluding themselves from drama that is so long term, they feel like they can sleep for years...the exhaustion overwhelming. Not only that, many become sick because their minds and bodies just don’t know any other way to react. And then, the, now whats multiply. As I get older, time and time again, I know I have less years ahead of me than in the past.

Time is a precious commodity. Regardless of our age, wouldn't we all be better off if we followed that path, saving for our retirement early, building our own nest of security, getting a jump into our careers? Taking just a little more time to straighten out me...surrounding myself with promise.....everything ends with astonishing results when we do just that. Why do we keep putting that off?

Think about it!!

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